Teljoy makes furnishing your home a breeze with its rent-to-own option

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With Teljoy's rent-to-own option, you can rent home appliances, furniture, electronics and more, with the option to take ownership at a later stage.

Teljoy has a special offer for Edgars Club members, so you can enjoy its rent-to-own option for less. Whether it's a new couch, fridge or baby goods you need, here's how you can make it happen. 

Teljoy's rent-to-own option is a month-to-month contract that allows you to rent a wide range of household appliances, furniture and electronics, with the option to take ownership after the pre-determined rental period. As an Edgars Club member, you save 20% on your first Teljoy rental (and 10% after that). Find out more about the offer here. Ts and Cs apply.

Need a new couch?
 Investing in a new couch can feel like a big undertaking; after all, a couch is the focal point of any living room, the first thing that catches a visitor’s eye, and a spot where you hope to spend plenty of time relaxing with friends and loved ones. Comfort and aesthetics are equally important when searching for your next furniture piece. Make the right choice for you and your family by taking these tips into account:

1. Proportion
Consider how your couch will fit in the room, especially if you live in a smaller space like an apartment. If you have plenty of space to fill, go larger and rounder to make the room cosier.

2. Function
Will your couch be used mostly to entertain guests? Is it a spot to relax and watch TV after work or are you hoping for something sleek that can be pulled out into a crash pad for friends from out of town? Take all these factors into consideration when you pick out a design.

3. Colour
Bold colours and patterns can be tricky to incorporate but if the rest of your living room follows a limited palette, a pop of colour can be just what the room needs to spice things up. In terms of fabric, velvet, linen and leather are all generally considered to be the most practical upholstery materials.

Teljoy has a range of couches to suit every lifestyle and preference, and with their rent-to-own option, furnishing your home has never been easier. Happy shopping!

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