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Tonal dressing has never been more in style, particularly when it comes to menswear. We show you how to nail the look.
The tonal dressing trend has been making its way across international waters for well over two years now, and it’s not going anywhere soon – especially when it comes to menswear. We show you how to rock your favourite hue from top to toe this autumn/winter, for a streamlined look that’s dead easy to pull off.
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Essentially, it’s wearing the same colour (or shades thereof) from head to toe. Also known as monochromatic dressing, it’s an effortless way to create a strong, unified look. And unlike many major runway trends, it can be worked in a variety of ways – from understated to OTT – to suit the fashion forward man as much as the trend-shy guy. Chris Kyvetos of describes it as ‘… one of the most fail-safe ways for men to dress – and one that not enough men take advantage of’. Ready to give it a try? Take the following pointers into consideration and you’re good to go.


While this trend is one of the easiest to master, there are still a few basic guidelines worth keeping in mind to make the most of the look:

1. Play with texture
Intriguing textures add interest to your look; think faux fur with coloured denim, rich velvet with light linen, thick knitwear with leather. Textured elements will keep the look fresh and appealing, rather than dull and uninspired.

2. Choose your colour wisely
Shades of white or cream are a sophisticated option, while deep burgundy or mustard shows you have a keen eye on runway trends. Try grey for a simple way to ease into the trend, or head-to-toe black for a sharp look that’s easy to pull off using pieces you already own.

3. Break it up
Too much of a good thing is bad, and tonal dressing is no exception. If you suspect your monochromatic outfit is headed for Dullsville, consider breaking up the look with a contrasting belt, shoes, or even socks. Go for a complementary colour or a neutral shade that won’t detract from your statement colour.


It’s always best to merge a runway trend with your own personal style to ensure it’s you who wears the trend, and not the other way round. If you’re naturally a conservative dresser, consider starting your monochromatic journey with a neutral colour rather than jumping head first into head-to-toe emerald green, for example. If you’re more of a fashion risk-taker, why not nail two trends in one outfit with a statement suit in one of this season’s biggest colour trends – hot mustard? Whatever your preference, tonal dressing is your ticket to looking like a style boss this autumn/winter.

Fashion direction & production: Brittany Penebre. Photography: Paulo Touriero /Hero. Hair & make-up: Shahnaz Wels-Cola/SNCM, Kelly Paitaki/Gloss. Styling: Taugheeda Abdullah-Jacobs. Models: Max/Pulse. Written by Candice Bresler.
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