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Beauty Masterclass: Twisted Double Buns

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Get the look. Double hair buns are not only easy to do, but look fantastic as a style for natural hair especially.
Fun and fabulous, double buns look great on curly-haired queens, and the texture of natural hair gives this style extra va va voom. Watch the video tutorial below to see how easy it is to get the look.

Use the right tools

A tail comb is a great tool to use, as it helps to comfortably separate, detangle and smooth hair.

Keep Hair Damp

Damp, moisturised hair is easier to work with and is less prone to breaking.

Twists Add Volume

Twisting hair creates a chunky, more voluminous look – and is much easier to achieve on your own than braids.


The Perfect Wave Styler 199.95
CHI Argan Oil plus Moringa Oil 450
Balmain Texturizing Salt Spray 545
Balmain Gold Comb 995

Videographer: Roice Nel. Hair: Merle Titus/Supernova. Make-up: Renee De Wit/Gloss. Model: Andrea/D&A Models. Production: Leila Petersen.

Beauty Masterclass: The Mohawk for Natural hair

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The Mohawk is one of the best hairstyles for natural hair. Watch this video tutorial for the steps to create the perfect Mohawk.
The Mohawk might conjure horrific flashbacks but thankfully, over the years, this versatile style has come a long way, varying in colour, style and length. For an easy-to-achieve hairstyle for natural hair, watch the video and start the fun.

Keep Natural Hair Well Conditioned

Applying deep conditioners, masks and oil treatments regularly will help maintain moisture.

Use A Gel That’s Gentle On the Curl

When it comes to styling products, steer clear of products with alcohol and other drying ingredients. Opt for ones that are nourishing.

Use Hair Pins Correctly To Prevent Breakage

Hair pins are meant to be used with the wavy side facing your scalp — the ridges are there to grip your hair and lock everything in place.


The Perfect Curl Deep-Deep Conditioner 199.99
The Perfect Aloe Gel 199.99
CHI Royal Treatment Shine Gel 315
Balmain Paris Shine Wax 545

Videographer: Roice Nel. Hair: Merle Titus/Supernova. Make-up: Renee De Wit/Gloss. Model: Andrea/D&A Models. Production: Leila Petersen.

Beauty Masterclass: The perfect high ponytail for natural hair

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The classic high ponytail is a favourite hairstyle of Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande. Here’s how to nail it.
If you think those with short and curly hair can't rock a high ponytail, think again! This look is not only flattering and versatile, it’s also surprisingly easy to put together. We show you how cool a curly sky-high ponytail can be!

Moisten Hair With Water or Hair Serum

Damp hair is easier to work with and will help prevent breakage.

Smooth the hair from the hairline all the way around

To keep the roots looking sleek, use a smoothing brush or wide-toothed comb.

Gather all the hair to the top and secure it with a thick hairband.

A thick hairband will grip and ensure that all hair is kept in place.

Pull the curls through to make it thick and voluminous

For added bounce give your curls an extra tousle.

Finish off the style with a shine spray or curl activator

To keep curls defined and the hairstyle in tact, apply a curl activator or a shine spray.


Beautique Afro comb 27.95
The Perfect Curl Styler 199.99
The Perfect High Shine Hair Spray 229.99

Balmain Curl Cream 525

Videographer: Roice Nel. Hair: Merle Titus/Supernova. Make-up: Renee De Wit/Gloss. Model: Andrea/D&A Models. Production: Leila Petersen.


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We shine a light on BeyoncĂ©’s flawless glowing skin and how you can replicate the look in the comfort of your own home.
Synonymous with looking flawless and sporting a perennially just-back-from-vacation glow, Beyoncé is well aware of the glam some (or lots) of glow can bring to your look. And although Queen Bey might have a bevy of hair and make-up artists at her disposal, there are a few signature tricks we can share that will help you shine.

Prep eyelids with a pressed powder

Once you’ve applied your hydrating or light-reflecting foundation, the next step is to prime the lids with a pressed powder or primer to ensure that your eye make-up does not crease or wear off.

Line the lower lash line with a bronze eye shadow

Applying a metallic eye shadow along the lower lash line creates a softer, more diffused line that makes your eyes pop and appear bigger.

Using an eye shadow brush, apply a gold metallic eye shadow to your lid

When it comes to applying the metallic shadow, pack the most pigment at the centre of the lid, and then soften the edges by blending the shadow out slightly past your crease.

Apply a highlighter to the inner corner of the eye as well as along the lower lash line

Strategically placed highlighter is your secret weapon to making your eyes look bigger and brighter. Adding the highlighter to the inner corners and lower lash line is particularly helpful if your eyes are small or close-set; this helps create the illusion of more space between the eyes, making them look larger.

With a fan brush, add a powder highlighter in a ‘C’ shape from your temple to your brow bone, along the bridge of your nose and along your Cupid’s bow

A fan brush should be your go-to tool for applying highlighter to the areas of the face that the sun naturally hits, as it’s great for feathering the product, which gives it more of an airbrushed finish.

Apply mascara with a small fan brush

A small fan brush will ensure you are able to deposit product close to the base of the lashes resulting in fuller and longer lashes, both on top and bottom.

Line your waterline with a nude pencil

Lining your waterline with a nude pencil instantly makes your eyes appear bigger and less tired.

Complete your golden glowing look with a nude gloss

A moisturising gloss with a nude wash of colour complements this look best, as it’s sheer enough not to draw too much attention away from your glowing make-up and it will also add an element of luminosity to your pout.


Benefit Dr. Feelgood Silky Mattifying Powder 445
Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Mono Eye Shadow in Bronze 595
Mac 141 Synthetic Face Fan Brush 555
Sisley So Volume Mascara 846
Mac Technakohl Liner 270
Kelso Beauty Lip Gloss in No Nonsense 119.95

Videographer: Roice Nel. Make-Up: Renee De Wit/Gloss. Hair: Merle Titus/Supernova. Model: Olivia Jones/Fusion Models. Production: Leila Petersen.


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Follow this step-by-step video tutorial for bigger, brighter eyes that stand out beautifully.
Our eyes attract immediate attention, so it’s a good idea to have a few make-up tips and tricks up your sleeve for a striking yet youthful and wide awake look. Your journey to bigger and brighter eyes starts here.

1. Add Primer To Your Lids

Start the process by prepping your eyelids with a lid primer or pat on a little pressed powder. This creates a smooth base that provides grip for the products that follow, ensuring they stay put all day. Avoid priming your lids with concealer, foundation, or any other products containing oil, as this can cause your make-up to smudge or move around during the day.

2. Add Dimension To Your Crease

Contouring isn’t exclusively for your cheekbones – this technique can also be used on your eyelids to add dimension. For the best effect, use a soft, fluffy brush to sweep on a matte eye shadow in the same shade as your skin tone along the crease of your eyelid. Next, apply a darker taupe shade in an arc along the crease, starting at the corner of the lower lash line, gently blending the eye shadow along the way. This will create depth, which is key to making your eyes pop!

3. Apply A Highlighter To The Lid, Inner Corner And Brow Bone

Highlighter is one of the best tricks around for opening up your eyes, creating an appealing, wide-eyed look. Use it on your brow bone to give the illusion of ‘lifting’ your brow, on the inner corners of your eyes to open them up, and on the centre of the lid to brighten your eyes.

4. Curl Lashes using An Eyelash Curler

An eyelash curler is a must. It makes a big impact by lifting the lashes, making your eyes appear larger and more alert. Although it might look like a surgical tool, a lash curler is quite simple to use. Place your upper lashes between the two sides of the lash curler (keeping eyes open), then position the curler as close as possible to your eyelid without pinching your skin, starting at the inner corner of your eye. When your lashes are tucked inside, gently clamp the curler together. Hold for ten seconds, moving outward to curl the entire lash line. Repeat if necessary.

5. Coat The Top And Bottom Lashes With Mascara

To further define and open eyes, apply two or three coats of mascara along the upper and lower lashes. For extra oomph, apply an additional coat near the centre of the upper lash line.

6. Lighten The Waterline With A Neutral Eye Pencil

While black liner inside the lower eyelids will make your eyes look smaller, a brightening neutral shade will open them by creating the illusion of extending your whites. A white eye pencil can also be used, but the more neutral fleshy tones provide a natural finish and help conceal any redness too.

Videographer: Roice Nel. Hair & make-up: Renee De Wit/Gloss. Model: Morgan/Boss Models. Production: Leila Petersen.


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Follow this simple, step-by-step guide for plumped up lips in a flash.
Want to know how to make your lips look bigger with minimal effort? Sure you do. We show you how to work your magic with make-up to create the illusion of a full, youthful-looking pout.

1. Moisturise with a luxurious balm

Start the process with a hydrating lip balm to plump up your pout and create a smooth base for the lip-enhancing products to follow.

2. Outline your lips with a concealer

This will help define your lips, making them pop out more to create the illusion of fuller lips.

3. Apply Highlighter To Your Cupid’s Bow

You might be familiar with the beauty-enhancing benefits of highlighter for your cheekbones but did you know that it works wonders for your lips too? Adding a little highlighter to your Cupid’s bow – the dip above your upper lip – will instantly make them appear bigger, thanks to its light-reflecting effects.

4. Line And Fill With A Lip Pencil

One of the easiest ways to make your lips look bigger is to line them with a lip pencil. Pick a liner one or two shades darker than your natural lip colour, and apply it just outside the natural line of your lips (be careful not to overdo it, you want to keep the look natural). Once the outline is done, fill your entire lip area with the pencil.

5. Apply A Highlighter to the centre of your lips

To further enhance your lips and add dimension, dust the centre of both lips with a highlighter.

6. Use A Nude Lip Gloss

Finish off with a slick of nude or pale-pink gloss. Lighter shades are preferable to darker ones, which tend to make lips appear smaller. Alternatively, apply the gloss to the centre of your lips only, for an attractive lip-highlighting effect.

Videographer: Roice Nel. Hair & make-up: Renee De Wit/Gloss. Model: Morgan/Boss Models. Production: Leila Petersen.

Beauty Masterclass: a step-by-step video to get the perfect eyebrows

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A step-by-step guide to the perfect eyebrows. From filling to shaping, here’s what you need to know.
You’ve probably heard this before: eyebrows shape your face, which means having well groomed, proportional arches is crucial to your overall make-up look. Here, we take you through a step-by-step guide for brows to make you proud.


Don't underestimate the power of the brow. Your eyebrows can either make or break your face and your entire make-up look. A pair of polished brows makes a strong statement and is one of the easiest ways to change your look. Here are three easy steps you can follow to ensure your brows wow.

1. Brush hairs using a spoolie
Begin by brushing your brows upwards with a spoolie. This will tame out any unruly hairs and will also help you see the natural shape of your arches.

2. Fill in with an eyebrow pencil
Next, using a brow pencil, fill in the gaps. Your brows aren’t meant to be a monotoned; you want to give them a gradient effect. Starting from the inside, use light feathery strokes to fill in the sparse spaces you can see, saving the bolder strokes for the tail end of the brow (towards your temple). Brush your brows again with the spoolie, as this will help blend and create a fuller look.

3. Set with a brow gel
Your last step requires a little setting gel. Use one of these brow gels for all-day perfection.

Videographer: Roice Nel. Hair & make-up: Renee De Wit/Gloss.
Model: Morgan/Boss Models. Production: Leila Petersen.