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Celeb-style winter headgear that’ll keep your head warm (and hide a bad hair day)

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Check out the headgear that your favourite celebrities are rocking this winter.
A stylish updo or wig may have been your saving grace on many an awkward hair day, but sometimes even wigs have their not-so-good days; and there comes a time when that slick ponytail can no longer be your daily go-to. Enter the latest in headgear for the AW19 season. From Marc Jacobs beanies to Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Dior bucket hats, as well as our very own Rich Mnisi’s Nwa-Mulamula: Milorho ’19 hats, here are the top five headgear trends this season has to offer.
Written by Afika Jadezweni


When Marc Jacobs had models walking down the runway in knit beanies and hat hair at his AW19 show, Vogue dubbed the designer’s unlikely accessory choice a moment of ‘undone elegance’. The beanie has never really had a fashion moment, at least not one that would deem it runway worthy; however it looks like it’s set to be a street-style hit this winter. Complete with a statement coat or jacket, the knit beanie has earned its spot in the accessory hall of fame.


This has been a big one for some years now, drawing inspiration from both 1920s sportswomen and the uniform of the Black Panther movement of the 1960s. The beret can also be attributed to the ‘chic French girl’ look, while South Africans might also attach a certain nostalgia about their grandmothers to the beret. Perhaps the fact that the beret isn’t an item of fashion only associated with one group or a particular time in history, is what makes it such an enduring piece to own.

Baker-boy hats

If you’re into 1920s trivia, you’ll know that the baker-boy/paper-boy hat was not the kind of headgear you’d find in the wardrobes of the sartorially elite. As the name implies, it was literally worn by the poor working class – bakers, paper boys, fishermen and chauffers for the rich. The British crime drama Peaky Blinders has also popularised a version of the flat cap that the gang adopted as part of their signature look. The multiple reimaginations of the baker-boy hat have now hit retail shelves in a big way.

Head scarves

The purpose of the head scarf wasn’t always about looking ultra-glam as you drove off into the sunset in a red convertible. Besides looking like money, the purpose of wrapping a scarf around your hair in said convertible was to avoid getting wind hair á la Bridget Jones. Images of Hollywood glam aside, the head scarf is quite symbolic for women across the world, especially in the context of religion. Islamic women wear the Hijab as an empowering form of modesty and worship, for example. On the other hand, in various African cultures, it can also be a way of showing respect to a bereaved family. Conversely, married African women also wear head scarves when visiting their in-laws. While the function of the head scarf might not primarily be that of glamour, the power of reclamation means it can be worn in an array of style-savvy, head-turning ways. Even on celebratory occasions!

Faux fur

The faux-fur hat historically was all about practicality – in frigid Russia – but it’s taken on a new look. For a dramatic look that makes a statement, try mixing your textures by pairing fur with leather or patent.

All items subject to availability. Prices may change.

How to pull off tonal dressing like a celeb

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Tonal dressing is so hot right now, and considering that it’s both slimming and stylish, it’s not hard to see why.
Tonal dressing is one of the simplest ways to look stylish in a flash. By tonal, we mean wearing the same colour from head to toe, or layering pieces in the same hue. Tonal dressing streamlines your silhouette for a slim, sleek look, and gives you a polished finish. But before you raid your wardrobe for samey colours and mash them together to work the trend, there are a few points to take into consideration. Here’s our guide to nailing the look.

Incorporate various textures 

Working different textures into your tonal outfit keeps it from looking one-dimensional. By incorporating different textures, each item becomes easily distinguishable, even though you’re wearing layers in the same colour or shade. Warm winter textures such as quilting, fur and suede are good combinations. Complete the look with a pair of winter boots in a suede finish, and embellish with hardware metals and a light, flirty scarf.

Kelso faux fur-trim puffer parker 699.95; Mango trumpet skirt 499; tassel earrings 99.95; Kelso multi-coloured bangles (set of 4) 79.95 each; Jo Borkett printed scarf 359.95; Steve Madden suede ankle boots 1699


Use accessories for emphasis

Adding a few accessories to your tonal outfit won’t make it less impactful; in fact, it gives the look more emphasis. A handbag, belt, or a pair of shoes in a contrasting colour or print is all fair game for cracking a bold tonal dress code.

Kelso double-breasted blazer 599.95; Kelso chiffon blouse 249.95; Kelso slim-fit trousers 349.95 SHOP NOW; skinny belts (set of 2) 149.95; Accessorize leopard-print bag 899; Steve Madden platform lace-up brogues 1299


Play with shades

Play with various shades, tints and tones of the same colour to add interest to your look and draw attention to the different pieces. A trio of pinks is soft, romantic and dreamy. Create an ombré effect by starting with the darkest shade at the top and working your way down to a lighter shade, or wear the bolder shades underneath layers to keep the tone soft and girly.

Kelso blazer 549.95; Kelso cable knit pullover jersey 299.95 SHOP NOW; Kelso belted cropped pants 349.95 SHOP NOW; Kelso disc earrings 99.95; Accessorize floral bag 899; Free 2BU dad sneakers 399.95


Add denim for an all blue look

Dress in denim to match your moody blues. Dark blue denim works well for smart occasions, and it's a safe bet if you’re new to tonal dressing, as it creates a strong, universally flattering look. For casual occasions, use a washed-out denim for a slight change in tone.

Merien Hall blazer 499.95 SHOP NOW; Merien Hall fluffy pullover 299.95; Merien Hall polka dot shirt 349.95 SHOP NOW; Merien Hall button-down denim skirt 499.95; Accessorize beaded necklace 399; Free 2BU striped baker boy cap 199.95; colour-block wallet 279.95; Shelley stockings 49.95; Steve Madden heels 1299


All items subject to availability. Prices may change.

Fashion direction & production: Brittany Penebre. Photography: Andrè Wepener/Pixel Lounge, Getty Images. Styling: Rushana Burton

Siphokazi Veti's 4 denim styling hacks

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Style influencer Siphokazi Veti gives us advice on how to style your favourite denim pieces for a look that’s winter fresh.
Denim for winter? How original, you may be thinking. But when style and body-positive activist and influencer Siphokazi Veti lets you in on her best styling tips, you’ll be rethinking your denim strategy for the new season.

1. Add a Killer Accessory

A pair of jeans and a sweater is an easy go-to look for winter, but it can get boring day after day. Add the trendy moon bag to your ensemble for an instant update. Finish off with a pair of heels, and voila, your look strikes the perfect balance of sophisticated and cool.

Kelso Curves colour-block jersey 279.95; Kelso Curves skinny denim jeans 449.95; Free 2BU transparent earrings 39.95; Accessorize moon bag 399; Free 2BU pointed-toe patent heels 299.95

2. Embrace stripes

Denim and a white T-shirt is a fashion staple so classic no wardrobe should be without it. Take the timeless appeal of this look and throw some stripes into the mix for a modern upgrade. A stripe down the side of the shirt is understated and cool. Add a pair of statement boots and you’re good to go!

Kelso Curves side-stripe shirt 349.95; Kelso Curves high-waisted denims 399.95; Free 2BU tassel drop earrings 79.95; stacking rings (set of 5) 59.95; Steve Madden pointed-toe sock boots 1599

3. Layer like a queen

Layering is an art. It can be tricky to get it just right, but it's essential for trans-seasonal dressing. Start with the base layers, which need to be the thinnest, and then pile on according to thickness. To get the balance right and avoid looking too bulky and sloppy, make sure you mix tight with loose. Go for tight-fitting jeans and a comfy pair of ankle boots to complete the look.

Kelso Curves quilted gilet 549.95; Kelso Curves striped jersey 299.95; Kelso Curves distressed denims 499.95; Free 2BU hoop earrings (set of 3) 59.95; Accessorize beaded bracelets (set of 9) 199; Steve Madden suede ankle boots 1499

4. Keep it casual

For casual days at the office, pair a blazer with your statement T-shirt and jeans. It’s versatile, timeless and effortlessly chic. Add buckle-up boots and colour popping accessories to bring your relaxed but stylish look together.

Kelso Curves statement T-shirt 159.95; Kelso Curves rip and repair denims 449.95; Accessorize beaded necklace 299; stacking rings (set of 5) 59.95; Accessorize satchel bag 799; Steve Madden buckled boots 1299

To learn more about Siphokazi and what she stands for, click here or follow her on Instagram at @siphokaziveti.

All items subject to availability. Prices may change.

Fashion direction & production: Brittany Penebre. Photography: Katinka Bester/Hero Creative. Styling: Rushana Burton. Hair & make-up: Shahnaz Cola-Wrensch/SNCM. Talent: Siphokazi Veti.

Choose sunglasses that suit your face shape

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We take style inspo from celebrities Rihanna and Hailey Baldwin to find the best sunglasses frames for the shape of your face.
Shopping for sunglasses is often more complicated than you bargained for, right? With all the various shapes and styles out there, it can be an overwhelming process. With the help of our fave celebs, we break down the frames that best suit your face shape.
Ray-Ban sunglasses for a square-shaped face
H.E.R wears round-framed sunglasses for her square-shaped face
Getty Images

Round you go

If your face is square like singer/songwriter H.E.R, round is your go-to shape for sunglasses. Frames with rounded corners will soften the shape of your face, but they must be in proportion – the larger your face, the larger the frame should be.
Ray-Ban Unisex Clubmaster 1990

Rihanna in sqaure-framed sunglasses
Getty Images
Prada sunglasses

Be a square

If your face is round like Rihanna, go for square/angular frames or wayfarers. The straight lines balance the roundness of your face. Try avoid round frames, as they mimic the shape of your face – smaller frames especially will make your face appear even more round.
Michael Kors
Hailey Baldwin in aviator sunglasses
Getty Images

I heart you

Aviator sunglasses best complement heart-shaped faces like Hailey Baldwin (a.k.a Mrs Bieber). Unlike square and round faces, your heart-shaped face is best suited by shades that mimic the shape of your face. But proportion is key. Those with delicate, small features should go for smaller frames, while larger frames suit those with more prominent/dramatic features.