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Get your home ready for a date night in

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Rather than spending loads of money on an expensive, overrated dinner, keep the romance alive in your very own home this month of love.
These key pieces instantly up the romance in any living space – whether for Valentine's Day or for any other day of the year. 

1. Up your glass game

Rather than scratching around at the last minute for matching, chip-free glasses, make sure you have glassware to be proud of at the ready. This will take away a lot of last-minute stress and embarrassment you don't need, especially when you're quite possibly already filled with nerves. 

2. Set the mood

If you’re hosting a date night in, then it's entirely up to you to set the mood and appeal to the senses. Our advice? Embrace the candlelit cliché with confidence. Choose scented candles with a subtle yet sultry fragrance – nothing to sweet or overpowering – or taper candles in chic modern stands for a serious style statement. Hot tip: the scent from a reed diffuser will linger for longer than that of a candle, and you'll have more control of the intensity of the fragrance.

3. Serve everything in style 

Whatever's on the menu, presentation can make all the difference between a merely tasty meal and a truly memorable one. That said, there is something rather intimate about a smorgasbord of finger foods to share – in which case a fancy cheese board and pretty platters are worthy investments. Looking to end of the night with a sweet treat? Here is some inspiration for late-night snacking.

4. Don't forget the couch

Now that you’ve wined and dined to your heart’s content it’s time to sit back and relax and enjoy each others’ company. Dress your couch for the occasion with textured throws and scattered cushions in sensual fabrics such as velvet and silk.

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