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Your home office should always be functional, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on style. These three small upgrades will breathe new life into your work-from-home space to give you renewed inspiration for the year ahead.
Written by: Emma Follett-Botha
Private Collection metal storage baskets from 199.95 each SHOP NOW; Private Collection ombre rug with shaggy 499.95; Private Collection hour glass 189.95; Private Collection diamond mat 199.95; Private Collection desk lamp 479.95; Private Collection round table 599.95 SHOP NOW; Private Collection rectangular photo frame 119.95 SHOP NOW; Private Collection frame 199.95; Private Collection blush diffuser 229.95; Private Collection orchid stem 149.95; Private Collection real touch orchid 649.95; Private Collection travel mug 136.95; Private Collection large pull ring scented candle 89.95 SHOP NOW; Private Collection textured scatter cushion 159.95


Most workspaces are quite stark and minimalist, so incorporating a few low-maintenance pot plants is a wonderful way to freshen up your desk. Aside from benefitting from cleaner air, they’re also said to promote relaxation – ideal for when you’re gunning for a deadline. Opt for plants that thrive in low-light, indoor environments: snake plants, peace lilies and philodendrons. Alternatively, an artificial orchid or succulent are just as good if you don't consider yourself to have green fingers. Bring in some texture with a woven, graphic-print rug, which will also brighten the space.  

Private Collection desk lamp 479.95; Private Collection real touch orchid 649.95; Private Collection blush diffuser 229.95; Private Collection large pull ring scented candle 89.95


Lighting is so important in any office space – especially if you do a lot of your work in the evenings. A desk lamp will offer intimate lighting when natural light or ceiling lighting isn’t sufficient, plus it serves as a chic accessory too. Make sure that the lampshade you use strikes a balance between functional and ambient and casts sufficient light over your work area.

Private Collection large pull ring scented candle 89.95 SHOP NOW; Private Collection orchid stem 149.95; Private Collection rectangular photo frame 119.95 SHOP NOW; Private Collection frame 199.95; Private Collection metal storage baskets from 199.95 each SHOP NOW


An organised desk will allow you to avoid distraction and work more efficiently. Keep things tidy with a set of minimalist storage boxes. These will help to compartmentalise all your documents, notes, files and that all-important to-do list. Label them accordingly to prevent unnecessary rifling.

Another source of clutter is work certificates and achievements – choose stylish frames and give these pride of place above your desk. You can also display photographs of family and some of your favourite motivational quotes in frames of different sizes to create an on-trend gallery wall in lieu of other artwork. 

Fashion editor: Rushana Burton. Fashion assistant: Primrose Skolo. Stills photography: André Wepener.

All items subject to availability. Prices may change.

Botanical prints and decor to update your home

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We love a good floral print, especially in the depths of winter. We round up some of the brightest and sophisticated botanical trends for your home.
Although hardly new to the décor scene, we are continuously blessed with an abundance of attractive, floral designs and a multitude of ways to incorporate them in our homes. We love the idea of being surrounded by nature-inspired prints in the depths of winter, so we’ve rounded up our favourite styles of botanical print and provided simple ways to use them to their full potential in your living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. 
Written by Emma Follet-Botha


Watercolour is one of the most whimsical, calming painting styles out there, and because of this, it’s right at home in the bedroom. For a light, airy feel, opt for pillowcases and a duvet or comforter with a white background, featuring light painterly washes of colourful blooms. Here, imperfections in the designs are embraced and reinforce the casualness that is integral to this theme.

Hotel Collection floral-print duvet cover from 1199.95 – 1499.95; Hotel Collection weaved desk lamp 599.95; Private Collection faux-grass pot plant 169.95; Hotel Collection velvet-print scatter cushion 249.95; Hotel Collection standard pillow cases 79.95; Hotel Collection continental pillow case 99.95; frame 199.95


If you don’t have a garden or have limited outdoor space for plants, garden-based florals are perfect for bringing the outside in. Adorn your couch with a variety of floral-print scatter cushions, or opt to juxtapose them with cushions in a luxe, textured fabric such as velvet.

Private Collection floral-print scatter cushion 199.95; Private Collection leaf-print scatter cushion 199.95; Hotel Collection velvet-printed scatter cushion 249.95; rug stylist’s own


There’s something about tropical leaves that is just so effective in the bathroom. Palm frond, banana leaf or Delicious Monster prints are by far the most popular. Consider incorporating leaf-printed towels or a shower curtain with an eye-catching print for an inviting Bali-style aesthetic.

Hotel Collection leaf-embossed towel 219.95


Busy prints are ideal for everyday kitchen items – think aprons, pot holders and oven mitts – as the detailed design disguises blemishes and stains far better than solid colours. The kitchen is a space where you can really experiment with prints, so have fun and go for it!

Private Collection floral-print apron 109.95; Private Collection two-piece pot holder/floral-print glove 79.95; Private Collection floral-print oven gloves 109.95

Fashion editor: Brittany Penebre. Junior fashion editor: Rushana Burton. Photography: Andre Wepener/Pixel Lounge.

All items subject to availability. Prices may change.


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We highlight and break down three of the most unique trends to bring into your home this season.
It’s a new season, and your home may still be showing signs of summer. Fear not; we have three interesting and exciting trends for you to be inspired by to give your home a little seasonal update.


Think galaxies, constellations and planets. Intricate patterns imitating our complex solar system on deep blues will result in a delightfully moody atmosphere. Literal interpretations of this could be applied to bedding and serverware; but use your imagination with sequinned scatter cushions and speckled cutlery for that starry-night appeal. Turn to sputnik or multi-bulb chandeliers to create an intergalactic ambience ideal for entertaining.


If you want to create a warm, inviting atmosphere and are hesitant to commit to a bold trend, neutral tones are your best bet. Embrace organic textures like wicker furniture, rattan storage baskets, basket-style pendant lights and stone-washed or rough-edged ceramics. In addition to being incredibly versatile, these tones and textures also help to bring that comforting, cosy feel to your space.


While you don’t want your home to be a cluttered mess, the maximalist trend epitomises busyness and eclectic décor at its best. Focus on scatter cushions, chunky Moroccan-inspired pouffes, thick, knobbly rugs and woven wall hangings. Don’t be afraid to mix busy prints and bold colours together. Metallic accessories help to modernise the look if you feel it’s looking a bit too grandma and grandpa. Indoor plants can really help with this too; fill your space with indigenous plants and cacti, which complement the trend’s desert hues perfectly.

All items subject to availability. Prices may change.


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Update your home with smoky glassware, gold-dipped cutlery and basket-weave details for a sophisticated look and feel.
This spring we’re embracing bold, super-contemporary themes for the three main areas of the home. From smoky glassware to matte-finish ceramics, we’ve got all you need to spruce up your kitchen, living room and bathroom with ease.
Written by Emma Follett-Botha


Jewel-toned glasses add a striking pop of colour to an embellished drinks trolley or streamlined mid-century modern bar cart, and are meant to be displayed front and centre. Whether it’s highballs for a round of refreshing mint cocktails, or wine goblets for a punchy sangria, you’ll be serving your drinks in style.
Private Collection coloured glasses 59.95 each SHOP NOW


Incorporate the smoky glassware trend in your bathroom with soap dispensers and toothbrush holders for a boutique-hotel feel. The muted hues will slot in effortlessly with your existing décor scheme, or serve as minimalistic starting point around which to decorate the rest of the space.
XXX smoky glass tumbler 129.95; XXX smoky glass dispenser 149.95; XXX smoky glass toilet brush 269.95
Private Collection smoky glass tumbler 129.95; Private Collection smoky glass dispenser 149.95; Private Collection smoky glass toilet brush 229.95


One sure-fire way to lend a crisp, clean and uber-modern touch to your kitchen is through matte-finish crockery. To ensure longevity of the trend, opt for a subdued colour palette that allows you to use the items interchangeably and ensures that your crockery won’t date.
Hotel Collection matte pebble mug 39.95 each SHOP NOW; Hotel Collection matte pebble side plate 59.95 each SHOP NOW; Hotel Collection matte pebble bowl 69.95 each SHOP NOW; Hotel Collection matte pebble dinner plate 79.95 each SHOP NOW


Rounded shapes and curved lines offer a fresh alternative to the geometric angular patterns that have taken centre stage for the past few years. The basket-weave design is an appealing way to add interest and texture to a room, whether in the form of scatter cushions boasting intricate woven detail, or industrial-looking wire lamps that cast the room in a gorgeous patterned glow.
Hotel Collection velvet braided scatter cushion 399.95
Hotel Collection woven-shade desk lamp 59.95


A modern take on the vintage brass flatware from yesteryear, gold-dipped cutlery is an opulent addition to any table setting. Layer gold cutlery with bright, jewel-like colours for extra vibrancy, or pair it with crisp, white table linen and touches of greenery for an earthy, organic feel.
Hotel Collection 4-pack cutlery set 399.95 SHOP NOW

Fashion Editor: Brittany Penebre, Junior Fashion editor: Rushana Burton. Photography: Andre Wepener/Pixel Lounge. 

All items subject to availability. Prices may change.