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Golf shirts are back, and they're cooler than ever before. We break down how to bring out the best in this versatile piece.
Golf shirts have climbed the wardrobe ranks and can be styled in a variety of ways to take your look from casual to formal in an instant. Nkgabiseng Motau sums up the many ways you can work your golfer. 

The varsity cool golfer

As rapper T.I. once said, nothing beats the ‘the swagger of a college kid’. Create a stylish campus-cool combo by adding a 'members only' jacket over your golfer. Go with soft summer colours broken by a neutral, like grey. If you opt to wear a cap then try stick with your chosen colour palette – a grey cap paired with grey pants creates a cohesive look.
JX bomber jacket 699.95 SHOP NOW; JX printed golfer 229.95 SHOP NOW; JX crew-neck top 199.95 SHOP NOW; JX checked joggers 399.95; JX cap 169.95Accessorize studded earrings (set of 10) 199; ring & bracelets (worn throughout) stylist’s own

The smart/casual golfer

When wearing multiple stripes, the trick is to keep the colours in the same family. It’s the darker shades that bring the ensemble together here, creating a pulled-together look with a smart/casual feel. Don't be afraid to add some accessories – this outfit provides the perfect neutral canvas for interesting pieces that bring out your personality. The puffer gilet is a great way to add a warm layer without creating a stuffy silhouette.
JX puffer gilet 399.95 SHOP NOW; JX V-neck pullover 399.95; JX golfer with stripe detail 219.95 SHOP NOW; JX slim-fit chinos 399.95; Kelso earrings (set of 12) 79.95; socks stylist's own

The combination golfer

Golfers are versatile, which means you can play around and be inventive with your combos. How about adding a silk-textured blazer over a pastel-coloured sweater? We love the contrast of colours. For something different, try turned-up plaid pants and an interesting pair of socks. Complete the look with a few sporty touches, like a moonbag worn the trendiest way (across the chest) and some classic tennis kicks for added flair.
JX crew-neck knit 299.95 SHOP NOW; D66 checked suit pants 399.95; Stone Harbour golfer 199.95 SHOP NOW; D66 velvet blazer 1399.95; DC body bag 249.95; printed sushi socks 59.95JX sneakers 399.95 SHOP NOW

The rebellious golfer

Who would have thought a classic golf tee could rev up some engines? Create a badass biker vibe by wearing your golfer like a rockstar. Pair interesting textures and patterns – like leather and plaid – for a look you can own at any party. Kick your street cred up a notch with Dr. Martens high-top boots in black or burgundy. Complete the look with an interesting pair of socks, folding up your jeans to show them off.
JX biker jacket 999.95 SHOP NOW; JX checked hooded shirt 449.95; JX striped golfer 299.95; JX joggers 299.95; Kelso studded earrings (set of 6) 59.95; Vans socks 199.95; Dr. Martens boots 2499; leather bracelets & chains stylist’s own

The preppy golfer 

Give your golfer the classic appeal of the old boys' club. For this look, throw a sporty knit over a casual shirt in pastel blue or light denim. The key with these layers is to get the right mix of colours. Opt for blue, white and navy with pops of red. Stick to a neutral colour for your chinos, which can be folded at the bottom for an extra relaxed look. Wear with sneakers for a casual-cool feel, or boat shoes when you're in the mood to dial the look up a little.
JX varsity-detail cardigan 499.95 SHOP NOW; JX denim shirt 399.95; Press Avenue golfer 199.95 SHOP NOW; JX denims 399.95 SHOP NOW; Kelso earrings (set of 12) 79.95; Puma crossbody bag 249.95; Persol sunglasses 3490

The suave golfer

Slick as the night, dark colours bring out the cool in everyone. For a dapper and minimalist look, pair your golfer with a dark tailored suit. Keep the look simple and accessory-free, except for a bold pair of dark sunnies for some attitude. Finish off with a pair of sleek sock sneakers in black for a dash of street-style sensibility. Pay attention to the fit of the suit jacket and pants, opting for a slim silhouette.
D66 suit jacket 1199.95; JX basic golfer 199.95D66 suit pants 399.95JX sock sneakers 399.95Ray-Ban sunglasses 3090; necklace & ring stylist’s own


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Fashion direction & production: Brittany Penebre. Photography: Jacobus Snyman /Hero. Video: Roice Nel. Hair and Make-up: Shahnaz Wels-Cola/SNCM. Styling: Rushana Burton. Models: JayJay/Boss.

Teljoy makes furnishing your home a breeze with its rent-to-own option

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With Teljoy's rent-to-own option, you can rent home appliances, furniture, electronics and more, with the option to take ownership at a later stage.

Teljoy has a special offer for Edgars Club members, so you can enjoy its rent-to-own option for less. Whether it's a new couch, fridge or baby goods you need, here's how you can make it happen. 

Teljoy's rent-to-own option is a month-to-month contract that allows you to rent a wide range of household appliances, furniture and electronics, with the option to take ownership after the pre-determined rental period. As an Edgars Club member, you save 20% on your first Teljoy rental (and 10% after that). Find out more about the offer here. Ts and Cs apply.

Need a new couch?
 Investing in a new couch can feel like a big undertaking; after all, a couch is the focal point of any living room, the first thing that catches a visitor’s eye, and a spot where you hope to spend plenty of time relaxing with friends and loved ones. Comfort and aesthetics are equally important when searching for your next furniture piece. Make the right choice for you and your family by taking these tips into account:

1. Proportion
Consider how your couch will fit in the room, especially if you live in a smaller space like an apartment. If you have plenty of space to fill, go larger and rounder to make the room cosier.

2. Function
Will your couch be used mostly to entertain guests? Is it a spot to relax and watch TV after work or are you hoping for something sleek that can be pulled out into a crash pad for friends from out of town? Take all these factors into consideration when you pick out a design.

3. Colour
Bold colours and patterns can be tricky to incorporate but if the rest of your living room follows a limited palette, a pop of colour can be just what the room needs to spice things up. In terms of fabric, velvet, linen and leather are all generally considered to be the most practical upholstery materials.

Teljoy has a range of couches to suit every lifestyle and preference, and with their rent-to-own option, furnishing your home has never been easier. Happy shopping!

Image: Getty Images