10 reasons Jonathan Boynton-Lee is a cool guy

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Local celebs are always fun to follow on Instagram. We've summed up the reasons why Jonathan Boynton-Lee deserves your follow.
The actor, model and Top Billing presenter is anything but boring. Here’s why you should hit ‘follow’ on his Instagram.
Jonathan Boynton-Lee


1. He’s stylish and confident


2. He’s a people person who genuinely wishes the best for others


3. He’s adventurous


4. He promotes diversity


5. He’s not afraid of ageing


6. He is body goals


7. He's a family man


8. He’s a lover of nature and an advocate against cruelty to animals


9. He gives for the sake of giving


10. He’s an artist

Who better to represent Edgars Men's Fashion? Learn more about Jonathan and other Edgars creators of culture here

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