Athleisure wear: the DOs and DON'Ts

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There's no escaping the athleisure trend, loved by celebrities and influencers alike. So here are our top tips for nailing the look.

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If it looks like you’re headed to the gym, you’re doing it wrong. As with all fashion trends, walking the fine line between nailing it and failing it can be as delicate as stringing thread into the eye of a needle.

Athleisure (AKA athletic leisure for the uninitiated) is about wearing athletic gear as leisure wear. It’s important to pick your athletic items carefully (there are some definite no-nos, which we’ll get into) and mix them with casual pieces. Because of its comfy and swaggy vibe, it’s one of the most popular travel style trends at the moment. Follow our guide to getting it right.


DON’T wear running shoes

Trainers and running shoes say only one thing – that you’re headed to or have just finished a workout. There’s nothing fashionable about trainers outside of a workout environment, and the material they are made of (usually mesh or rubber) screams ‘functional’. The trick is to look like you’re somewhere between a workout and running a fabulous errand such as a wardrobe fitting or a hair and make-up session.

Gigi Hadid: athleisure

DON’T be brand monogamous

Play the field a little! Wearing a single brand from head to toe makes you look sponsoredand you'll miss the point of the trend completely. Mix up athletic brands with other fashion labels.
 Kylie Jenner: athleisure

DO make statements

Wear items such as tops, leggings or caps that feature logos. Graphic text on clothing is a great way to draw attention to your look – but do this sparingly, of course.
Athleisure trend

DON’T wear freebies

To really pull off this look, that T-shirt you got at your last fun run is not going to cut it. Yes, your outfit should be casual and comfortable, but it should also look well-thought-out.
Selena Gomez: athleisure

Find your perfect athleisure outfit for your next workout (or coffee date!)

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