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Travel style is as important as street style. We look to Kim Kardashian for athleisure tips and Hailey Baldwin for military chic.
 Are you going away this festive season? Then look to the stars for the best in-transit style.
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Travel style might be about what you wear while in the most wondrous corners of the world, but it’s also about what you wear on your way there. We’ve rounded up some key travel-style trends served up by our favourite celebrities.


This is definitely the most popular travel-style trend. It is, however, also the trickiest of all to pull off. Athleisure is athletics wear worn as leisure wear, so it’s easy to hit frumpy instead of fabulous. A grey sweatsuit is a grey sweatsuit, right? Wrong. It’s all about fabric, fit and accessories. The celebs who have nailed the athleisure trend pair the laid-back look with the season’s hottest sneakers and high heels. And they don’t look like they are off to a workout. The trick to this style is finding a balance between what you’d wear when running a fabulous errand (meeting your stylist), having lunch with your influencer bestie or going to yoga. Kim K swaps between spandex tights and slouchy sweats. If you are going to try this trend, proceed with caution; it is super-easy to get wrong.

Military chic

I think we can finally call it: this look is timeless! Army-chic has been around since forever and it’s not going anywhere. Travelling in this look is effortless and cool, and gives off practical style sensibility. It says ‘look who’s in charge.' It is versatile and can be dolled up in some tone-matching heels à la Hailey Baldwin. Throw on your camo and style it according to your personality. The only caution with this style is to watch out: your confidence might get a boost in ranking!
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Hat trick

Pop quiz: how do you transform a perfectly bland outfit into globe-trotting hipster chic in less than three seconds? Throw on a well-made black wide-brimmed hat and some dark round-frame shades. Done. It’s that easy. What makes this one of our fave travel looks is that it is an actual disguise. One can toss this onto a chilled jeans-and-T outfit and totally transform a normal ensemble to fab. Bey does this perfectly, rocking her hat with a red lip for maximum impact.

Afro chic

Like Maps Maponyane, turning to our beautiful home for travel regalia can never go wrong. This is especially standout when travelling abroad. The world has more than enough sameness in it and creating a little colourful change is a welcome breath of fresh air. We love how Maps makes use of African print and neutral colours; this creates an exciting balance of elements for the eye. Try this look with a brilliant head wrap or a printed blazer for a touch of home when you’re going away.

Let your luggage do the talking

There is more than one way to slay travel chic; if your outfit doesn’t do it, turn to your luggage and let it win the battle for you. Whether you lug a stylish trolley case or a carry bag with swag, luggage can make a loud statement, screaming: ‘I am going places!’ Somizi glams up the airport runway with some high-end leather luggage. Wherever wanderlust may take you next, remember, it’s not just where you go, it's also how you look getting there!

By Nkgabiseng Motau

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