How to shop better: tips from the expert

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Edgars' personal stylist and image specialist, Emile Samson, shares his insider tips on getting the most out of your shopping experience!

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When is the best time to shop and why? 

Only go when you're in the right frame of mind. Don’t make your way to the mall if you're in a rush and feel tired, moody, angry, sad, or even slightly upset. If you do, you increase the chance of missing out on the best deals or a memorable interaction with a sales associate. You really need sufficient time to take in all the new items that have just landed on the sales floor and investigate the current promotional offers.


And the best time of the month to embark on a shopping venture?

We always have something amazing going on in-store, so any time is prime time! New stock makes its way into stores regularly, so you should always be able to locate the item you’ve been eyeing, and in your size too.

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How can I save time in a store when I’m looking for something specific? 

The first thing to do is ask one of our helpful store associates. Remember that the first person you encounter may not handle the products directly related to your needs but they will be able to find someone who does. If you’re ever close to our Sandton store, book some time with me so that I can find specific products for you.

How should I dress when clothing shopping? 

Dress comfortably. I’d take it one step further and say wear something that’s not complicated. It’s much simpler to try on clothing if your own garments are easy to get out of. Think leggings instead of denim pants, a slip dress instead of a wrap-skirt for instance, or perhaps a T-shirt rather than a button-down shirt.

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What kinds of things should I be buying or looking out for on sale? 

Look out for the sales goods that have lots of units available on the shelf. This means that this style or this item of clothing is not as popular as others, meaning you’re less likely to awkwardly wear the same outfit as someone else at work or a Friday-night dinner. 

Any tips for making my dressing room experience quick and painless?

You need to have a good understanding of what silhouettes suit your body type, which will eliminate countless (frustrating) trips back and forth from the floor to the changing room. Also, try to stick to the fitting room garment quota, usually five or six, as that naturally edits down your list of items you’re going to put back 

What are the benefits of a personal stylist? Is this not something only celebrities need? 

Personal styling is not just for celebrities, I can assure you. You can benefit from an expert giving you dressing solutions, garment-fit advice and tailoring recommendations to help you shape and define your wardrobe and personal style. I do offer my services to celebrities, but through Edgars, you can book my services at no charge. Most of us have different dressing requirements during the week versus weekends. We just need someone to direct us on what type of styles, fabrics or garment details suit each occasion. This is where the Edgars personal stylist (that’s me!) is able to give you solutions to the personal challenges you face in your dressing room daily.

What summer staples must I make sure I have in my wardrobe as we head towards the festive season?  

First on the list is a great fragrance. If you like a scent that’s sweet and spicy you should check out Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire for women. Another must-have in this category is Tom Ford Vanille Fatale – a zesty offering for both men and women. If a spicy-floral is what your nose is after, try Chanel Misia for women and Christian Dior Fahrenheit Le Parfum for men. This summer, the crop top gets a makeover with button details taken straight from the top designer runways. Look out for this crop top advancement in Edgars stores too. The shoulder knot is also a popular top this season, making an appearance in our Kelso range – its asymmetrical shape is especially ideal for inverted-triangle body types. Also look out for bottoms that have ankle straps, which allow you to convert your straight-leg pants to tapered trousers. Cords, drawstrings and D-Rings are details on garments that will typify the SS18 looks in Edgars. But pick your detailing wisely; if you don’t want to draw attention to your ankles, for example, then avoid pants with drawstrings located at the ankle. 
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What’s better, online or in-store shopping?

Both are great for different reasons. In-store you will be able to feel the garment, see a true representation of its colour and whether or not it suits you. In-store you are also able to get expert advice on all of that. Online shopping is great for items you purchase time and again; for instance, I’ve been wearing Signature lace-up brogues for the past six months, so I feel very comfortable to shop for my formal loafers online. After all, you can always return what you bought online to an Edgars store closest to you.

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