Water-saving beauty products to use right now

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We round up the products you can use that don't need water to be effective. Here's to beauty with a conscience this season.

We can never be too cautious when it comes to our natural resources. In light of the on-going drought, when it comes to beauty, it’s time to turn off the taps. 
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The news is filled with coverage of parched areas of our country, water restrictions are in force in many large metros, even hotels have signs in the rooms, encouraging guests to reuse towels and linen to minimise laundry and water wastage. You might wonder what all this has to do with cosmetics, but if you think about how much water you use to cleanse your skin twice daily, you'll realise that it quickly adds up to hundreds of litres every day. To help combat water wastage, forward-thinking cosmetics brands are continuously breaking boundaries, finding innovative waterless solutions in products that are more concentrated to deliver phenomenal results.

Waterless cleansers and make-up wipes

One of the most crucial steps to ensure you maintain a clear complexion is removing every trace of make-up at the end of the day. Cleansing wipes are convenient as they remove excess grime before you cleanse and allow you to freshen up on the go.


Moisturising hand sanitisers don't need water

From keyboards and phones to handling cash and grabbing door handles, our hands are constantly exposed to germs and bad bacteria. When water isn’t available, your best bet is a germ-busting hand sanitiser. Look out for a formula with moisturising properties, as these won’t dry out your skin

Micellar water explained

Micellar water is one of the most ingenious beauty innovations to help with water conservation. It’s a gentle liquid that not only sucks up make-up, dirt and oil but also adds moisture to the skin so that it stays plump and hydrated. All you have to do is pour some on a cotton pad, wipe it across your face and you’re done. It doesn’t leave any residue behind and it’s safe for even the most sensitive skin.


Out: wet-washing your hair; in: dry-washing your hair

If having a good hair day is a top priority, investing in a dry shampoo will keep you from needing to wash daily, which dries up your hair’s natural oils. Dry shampoos absorb any excess oil that makes your hair look dirty, and also add volume to fine, limp hair.

Balms that remove dirt and grime

Made from a concentrated blend of oil and wax, cleansing balms can take the place of traditional cleansers and don’t require any water. Gently massage some product on your face, allowing it to melt away dirt and make-up, then wipe it off with a cloth. Best suited for dry or sensitive skin.


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