Choose sunglasses that suit your face shape

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We take style inspo from celebrities Rihanna and Hailey Baldwin to find the best sunglasses frames for the shape of your face.
Shopping for sunglasses is often more complicated than you bargained for, right? With all the various shapes and styles out there, it can be an overwhelming process. With the help of our fave celebs, we break down the frames that best suit your face shape.
Ray-Ban sunglasses for a square-shaped face
H.E.R wears round-framed sunglasses for her square-shaped face
Getty Images

Round you go

If your face is square like singer/songwriter H.E.R, round is your go-to shape for sunglasses. Frames with rounded corners will soften the shape of your face, but they must be in proportion – the larger your face, the larger the frame should be.
Ray-Ban Unisex Clubmaster 1990

Rihanna in sqaure-framed sunglasses
Getty Images
Prada sunglasses

Be a square

If your face is round like Rihanna, go for square/angular frames or wayfarers. The straight lines balance the roundness of your face. Try avoid round frames, as they mimic the shape of your face – smaller frames especially will make your face appear even more round.
Michael Kors
Hailey Baldwin in aviator sunglasses
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I heart you

Aviator sunglasses best complement heart-shaped faces like Hailey Baldwin (a.k.a Mrs Bieber). Unlike square and round faces, your heart-shaped face is best suited by shades that mimic the shape of your face. But proportion is key. Those with delicate, small features should go for smaller frames, while larger frames suit those with more prominent/dramatic features.

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