The grooming guide

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Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss, Clinique, Lab Series and Kiehl’s products to help groom you to perfection this holiday season.
From the latest products to the finest fragrances, our guide will help you primp like a pro.


Hugo Boss has unveiled Fifty Shades of Grey frontman Jamie Dornan as the new face of its Boss Scent campaign. Following the footsteps of the brand's previous famous line-up of ambassadors, including the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth and Jared Leto, the Irish actor is the latest to join the Boss family. Known for his confidence and impeccable taste, Dornan is the perfect embodiment of the Boss brand, and together with model Birgit Kos, will kick off a new, sophisticated and enthralling campaign for the fragrance.


When it comes to combatting oil and shine, Lab Series has always led the way with its dedicated oil-control line. And now its launched a new three-step, 8-hour oil control system, consisting of three core products. The Oil Control Clay Cleanser + Mask eliminates grease and grime; the Oil Control Clearing Solution removes any remaining oil and dead skin cells, and lastly the Oil Control Daily Moisturiser is an oil-free hydrator that keeps skin shine-free for up to eight hours.


The One Grey is the latest flanker to join the Dolce & Gabbana The One For Men line, and marks a bold new chapter. A fusion of opposites, The One Grey grounds aromatic cardamom with earthy vetiver, creating a striking new interpretation that’s magnetic, modern and refined.


If having loads of lotions and potions on your shelf scares you, maybe it’s time to get back to basics with your grooming and invest in a decent bar of plain, old-fashioned soap.

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