4 benefits of getting back-to-school ready right now!

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Like most daunting things in life, getting ready for the new school year is a task best tackled early.
While the kids have only just closed for end of year holidays, there are some real benefits to being ready for the new year school rush, now.
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Nelson Mandela famously said ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’. Many parents feel this exact way when faced with the mountain of check lists, new uniform requirements and book wrapping and labelling that faces them at the beginning of a new school year. But, like most daunting things in life, back to school tasks are best tackled early, and piece by piece. 

Benefit 1:

Avoiding the long queues at school supply stores

Doing your school shopping in December means that the school supply stores will be relatively quiet (except for the other efficient parents winking at your brilliance as they walk past), allowing you to shop with less rush and frustration.

Benefit 2:

Taking advantage of festive season specials on school essentials

Many grocery stores have specials meant to appeal to the Christmas shopper, but those items are just as useful for back to school. You can stockpile on things like small fruit juices for lunch boxes, wrapping paper for school books (avoid the Christmas-themed kind and stick to abstract prints and patterns) and healthy snacks like nuts and dried fruit.

Benefit 3:

Make the book wrapping a part of gift-wrapping fun

The festive season is a time of exchanging gifts so there’ll be lots for you and the kids to wrap. Throw the school books into the mix and cover a few every day so that it doesn’t feel like a tedious exercise days before school opens.

Benefit 4:

Purchase Edgars exclusives while stocks last 

There are a number of school essentials that are only found at Edgars, making it worth your while to head to stores before others get the same idea. Bata Bubblegummers are casual shoes exclusive to selected Edgars stores. Playful, colourful and fun, these girls' and boys' sandals are kind to kids' feet and durable, with slip-resistant soles scientifically designed for each stage of growth. What makes them even more fun is the fact that they are bubblegum-scented.

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