These 7 habits of seasoned festival goers

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These seven tips will ensure you next festival is effective and fun. From festival fashion advice to handy packing tips, make sure you're set to go.
Finally, festival season is upon us! There are certain festival habits when it comes to packing and dressing that will help you not only have the most effective festival ever, but also create your best festival self(ie).
Written by Robin Steinlechner

Habit #1: Be a layer player. It might be 30 degrees by day but baby, it’s cold in the glamping tent at night. So dress in layers that are easy to pile on, pull off and pack away. And trust us when we say a fringed coat is always the finishing touch your festival look needs.

Style the look: Bring something that you can wrap around your waist during the day, like a denim or leather jacket, or a checked shirt.
Habit #2: Less is always more. Remember, this isn’t Halloween and most times the simplest outfit looks the best. So when in doubt, scale back. Pick one trendy piece and mix it with other basics – polished perfection is as simple as that really!

Style the look: Pair flared pants with a bodysuit. Let the pants speak for themselves and keep the rest to an unfussy minimum.
Habit #3: Get sporty. Always opt for shorts first. They will dry quickly and help keep your sun-baked body ventilated in style. If you're brave enough, it’s time to break out the spandex, as we expect to see a ton of bicycle shorts on show. They are the latest item of athletic apparel to become a festival favourite.

Style the look: Put prep into practice and pair with a cropped camisole and oversized boyfriend jacket to create a look that’s equal parts effortless and sassy.
Habit #4: Have happy feet. Footwear is key, so forget the flip flops when it comes to festivals. You’re going to be doing A LOT of dancing and EVEN MORE walking, so pick a pair of sneakers or a comfy pair of boots (the trendy alternative to Wellies). 

Style the look: Slip dresses have become a must-have over the last few years, so style them with some chunky trainers or ankle boots for a festival-chic look.
Habit #5: Shoot from the hip. What’s a festival goer to do when a clutch simply wont cut it? With on-trend options ranging from mini backpacks to cross-body bags you’re set to keep your stuff safe and your style on point. We advise investing in a belt bag. It works for both men and women, and it’s the trendiest way to party with your provisions by your side.

Style the look: Wear your retro waist-cincher in place of belt or change it up by slinging your bag nonchalantly over your shoulder.
Habit #6: Play it cool. Outfit enhancing accessories will help supplement your SPF regime. Think bucket hats, neckerchiefs, and statement sunnies that will keeping you feeling cool while looking hot.

Style the look: You can pretty much balance any outfit with a stylish hat but we love a wide brimmed fedora and maxi dress combo.
Habit #7: Invoke elevated essentials. Always keep a hairband, headband or cute clip close by. These little handy extras will be lifesavers for when your hair's suddenly drenched in sweat from non-stop dancing.

Style the look: Alternatively, enhance your outfit by wearing a bandana around your neck that you can always pop on your head later.

And lastly remember to plan your outfits for each day ahead of time. Don’t wear jumpsuits or rompers (they are not porter loo friendly) and never let the rain ruin your style. Get a transparent poncho to rock day or night.


While music festivals give you the opportunity to take a break from adulting, it doesn’t mean you should shirk your responsibility towards the planet. Here are a couple of ways to let your sustainability shine while still having fun.

An excellent way to lower your carbon footprint is by carpooling. Grab a buddy or three and share the journey or make use of shuttle services provided by festival organisers.

Another great idea is to take a reusable water bottle. When you arrive scout the closest tap to your campsite and ensure you stay hydrated with all the free water your sun-parched body can handle.

And finally, pack a solar light and leave your campsite as you found it!


There truly is nothing like enjoying some of your favourite bands under the starry sky surrounded by thousands of fellow festival goers bonded by good vibes. So pack wisely and if you get the choice to sit out or dance, we hope you dance!

Health & wellness:
Tissue paper
Face cloth (wet it with your water for when you need to wipe clean; it's much more environmentally friendly than wet wipes)
High-factor SPF
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Lip balm
Dry shampoo (you can thanks us later)
Hand sanitiser
Camping essentials:
Tent (a pop-up is best)
Yoga mat (for sleeping and relaxing)
Sleeping bag
Head lamp
Recyclable bin bags (you’ll be surprised how handy they are)
Bath towel
Hand-held mirror (always useful)
Mouthwash (for when the bathroom is too far away)
Camping chairs


Earthdance – Cape Town, 21 – 22 September
Ipotsoyi Spring Festival – Cape Town, 20 September
Wolfkop Weekender, Power Flower Picnic – Citrusdal, 20 – 24 September
Rocking the Daisies – Darling, 4 – 6 October
Lake of Stars – Lake Malawi, 27 – 29 September

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