15 baking essentials to get you started!

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It's time to start practising your baking in preparation for the upcoming holidays, a time when there should be no shortage of snacks! 
Have you been waiting to slip into that faithful apron and get up close and personal with a batch of chocolate chip cookies? Make sure you have the right tools for the trade, so to speak, with these 15 kitchen essentials.
Written by Robyn Steinlechner

1. Measuring goods

No kitchen is complete without them. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or beginner, these measuring devices truly are culinary workhorses. Stainless steel versions are seriously durable and can withstand the heat of a dishwasher – added bonus! And here’s a handy little hint: keep two sets in the kitchen – one to measure dry ingredients and the other for wet ingredients. Easy-peasy. Baking is an exact science, which means accurate measuring is non-negotiable. Measuring jugs offer precise portioning and are versatile. Use them for melting butter, concocting dressings and for beating batters. We say go for glass over plastic, as it’s better for heating things up.
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2. Handy kitchen accessories

Dishtowels may not seem exciting, but they are every baker's life saver. Thicker, plush fabrics are the best for absorbing spills and make cleaning up sticky situations seriously simple. With your kitchen clean, you'll have the necessary space to cool off all those baked goods you've created. A wire rack is the best choice as it allows air to circulate underneath it, cooling your baked goods quickly. Whether you’re an occasional baker or a self-proclaimed pro, your oven mitts form the protective barrier between your hands and a brutally hot pan or baking tray. While they might not be sexy; they’re super important because if you don’t have them, the chances of getting a nasty burn are high.
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3. Mixing bowls and jugs 

In this game, easy-to-clean equipment makes baking a breeze. That means finding mixing bowls that are glass or silicone in nature – quick to wash and waste-proof!
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4. Sifters and sieves   

Savvy bakers swear these tools are the secret to all things light and fluffy. Sifting may feel fussy and unnecessary but when done, it ensures dry ingredients mix easily and combine evenly. You’ll enjoy having pastries with more volume and delicious desserts that could rival your favourite bakery.
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5. Bread, cake and baking pans

Baked treats are only as good as the pan they’re cooked in. We suggest investing in several different types to give you more variety. Use them for everything from baking breads to conjuring up cookies and cakes. If getting creative in the kitchen melts your butter then cute moulds are for you! It’s time to add some fun to your everyday kitchen crafts with these animal shaped moulds. Expect perfect results every time.
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5. Baking and decorating utensils 

When it come to putting the finishing touches on a cake or biscuits, a piping bag is every decorator’s dream. The technique can be tricky so bear in mind a little patience (and practice) goes a long way to creating gorgeous swoops and swirls to trim your treats. Ah, the humble wooden spoon. Now don’t be fooled, this natural beauty is the baking world’s superhero. A wooden spoon's superpowers range from heat resistance to dent proof, and they won’t scratch your bakeware. A whisk is also a must-have – especially if you’re looking for fluffy and frothy. Whisks work well to create a smooth texture by letting air into ingredients. They’ll stir up whipped cream in seconds, sift icing if you’re feeling lazy and effortlessly make one heck of a pancake batter. If you’re starting anew, invest in a moderately stiff balloon whisk and then whatever the task – just beat it! To bake a batch that is golden brown to the very last crumb you need consistency. Enter the rolling pin. The idea behind a metal rolling pin is that it's cold (it can be cooled even further in the fridge), meaning your ingredients are less likely to melt as you roll. Plus they can be used for other kitchen tasks, like crushing nuts, pepper and ice, or even tenderising meat. Just roll with it!
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