8 smart ways to make the most of sale season

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It’s the time of year that our favourite stores start spamming us with their end-of-season sales. Use these tips to spoil yourself without the regret.
It’s that time of year when your willpower is tested by sale posters in mall shop windows screaming 20%, 50% and 75% off! Here’s how you can make the most of sale season without blowing your budget unnecessarily.

Tip 1: Become royalty with loyalty

Rewards cards have great benefits such as free flights or insane discounts on pricey things. The trick is to get rewards cards from the stores you would normally visit throughout the year, and as you purchase your monthly cosmetics or fill up with petrol at Engen with your thank U card you’ll be earning points that you can use once sale season arrives. In some stores, loyalty card members get additional discounts.

Tip 2: How to feel like you’ve won

There are two fashion tribes in the world: the fad fashion tribe and the timeless fashion tribe. Make the most of the two by having a timeless fashion foundation with a sprinkling of fad. Siyanda Bani (@SiyaBunny), style influencer and founder of online platform Glow Up, schooled me on how to get true value from sales. ‘My philosophy, when it comes to sales, is to buy only what you would be willing to pay full price for, as that limits you from overspending on items you won’t like in six months’ time. Sales are great for scoring on items you’ve been eyeing for a while; you walk away with a sense of fulfilment, as if you’ve won.’

Tip 3: Make online shopping your BFF

Most online stores have a convenient sale section, so you don’t need to sift through everything to see the handful of things you might get for a bargain. Online stores show you absolutely all products in stock nationwide. Also, shopping online allows for free delivery or if you prefer you can collect your parcel from the store closest to you. Edgars.co.za offers free delivery on all orders over R650. Here’s a professional tip worth remembering: when you buy your make-up and skincare online, you often automatically qualify for free samples. Bonus!

Tip 4: Your junk could be someone else’s treasure

Make your own sale before hitting the mall. In the world of OLX, Gumtree and the likes thereof, there are easy and smart ways to earn a little extra cash. Clear your house of the items you no longer wear or use in order to get a little bit more money to spend on the things you do want.

Tip 5: If it’s nice, buy it twice

Many stores have discounts if you buy more than one of the same item – so make a deal with a family member or a friend with a similar taste to you so that you can both score bargains together.

Tip 6: Do this hardcore budgeting trick

Leave your bank card at home, and leave the house only with an envelope of the money you’re prepared to spend to ensure you don’t go over budget. But good luck to you if there’s SnapScan or Zapper.

Tip 7: Shop for next season

If it’s the end-of-summer sales you’re attending, buy classic summer pieces that are unlikely to go out of style (think summer dresses, sandals and T-shirts) for next year. The same goes for end-of-winter sales.

Tip 8: Don’t lie to yourself

Never (I repeat, never) buy incorrect clothing sizes in the hopes of either losing or gaining weight for them to fit. We both know that item will be forgotten and a waste of money, so rather embrace your current size and spend your hard-earned rands on clothes you’ll enjoy right now.

By Thandeka Mali
Images: Getty Images

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