Choosing the right pair of jeans for a perfect fit

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Every woman needs at least one pair of denims that fits her body to a T. Read further for tips on how to find the right fit.
The perfect denim fit is basically a non-negotiable in the fashion world – you’d be surprised by just how much it affects your silhouette. Determining your body shape is the first step towards getting it just right.


If your hips and thighs are wider than your waist, then you have an hourglass or curvy figure. A bootcut or flared leg is particularly flattering for this body shape as the wider bottoms balance out your hips, while the snug fit around the waist flatters your curvy shape. A curvy-fit straight leg is also a great choice – it moulds to the body beautifully, accentuating the hips and waist. Give yourself some extra height with booties or heels.


Opt for medium to high-rise jeans that sit at the narrowest part of your waist to show off your natural curves. Wide or flared legs can make your legs appear shorter, so either avoid this style or wear it with heels. A straight cut is most flattering for a petite shape, as it hugs the legs perfectly. Look for a tapered hem that ends on – or just above – your ankle. Dark-wash denim is your best bet, streamlining your frame and creating the appearance of length.


If your shoulders are broader than your waist and hips, you fall into this category. The trick is to accentuate your bottom half to balance your silhouette. Bootcuts and boyfriend/girlfriend jeans will achieve this. Jeans with texture and details such as cargo pockets, fades and cuffs, will further emphasise your lower half.


Women with this body shape tend to have hips and shoulders that are the same width, with few curves and not much definition in the waist. Fortunately for you, just about every cut of denim suits this body shape. Looking to add volume to your lower half? Go for wide-leg or flared jeans with patterns and details. A skinny fit creates the illusion of curves, while low-rise to mid-waist jeans add shape to your buttocks and create a defined wasitline. Back-pocket details also draw attention to this area.


Apple-shaped bodies carry volume around the middle. Select jeans with a little more ‘give’ in the waistline for comfort, and to avoid overspill. High-waisted jeans draw attention to the waist, so rather go for a mid-rise style, or a pair with a wide waistband. Make the most of your slim legs by wearing a straight cut or a slight bootcut to balance out your proportions. Denims in contrasting colours will add contouring to your thighs.

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