Introducing the new Dunhill fragrance collection

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Dunhill's latest fragrance launch, Signature Collection, consisting of four distinct fragrances, embodies the brand's past and future.
Signature Collection by Dunhill boasts four distinct scents that embody founder Alfred Dunhill’s sense of masculinity, adventure and travel.

British Leather

Signature top note: bergamot
Signature middle note: violet leaf
Signature dry down: leather accord

With a signature top note of bergamot, middle note of violet leaf and leather accord, the aptly named British Leather is the first of Signature Collection’s four scents. The classically masculine blend is a contemporary update on Dunhill’s popular Origin of London fragrance.

Arabian Desert

Signature top note: pink pepper
Signature middle note: rose
Signature dry down: oud

Arabian Desert strikes the perfect balance between fresh floral notes of rose and more masculine accords such as pink pepper. The addition of bergamot and saffron with captivating notes of oud creates a richness that makes gives this scent an unexpected freshness perfect for day or night. 

Indian Sandalwood

Signature top note: bergamot
Signature middle note: green tree moss
Signature dry down: sandalwood

Prominent and evocative, Indian Sandalwood evokes a strong sense of the East. The delicate balance of notes including the essence of fragrant bergamot, warm green tree moss and patchouli, allow for the full expression of the purity of sandalwood for a scent that lingers longer.

Moroccan Amber

Signature top note: cardamon
Signature middle note: saffron
Signature dry down: amber

Signature Collection's final installment, Moroccan Amber evokes a sense of adventure. Inspired by the spice routes, this fragrance opens with spicy wood and top notes of earthy cardamom. Blended with middle notes of saffron and amber, this is a warm, earthy scent with rugged appeal.

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