Follow these 5 steps for natural brows that wow

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Your eyebrows have the powerful ability to shape your face. Follow these five helpful steps in creating the most natural brows you've ever had.
Not everyone is naturally blessed with the brows of Cara Delevingne. But there are ways and means to get the look without it being too artificial and drawn on. Follow these five steps that will help you create a natural looking, fuller and more defined brow.

Step 1: Brush hairs upwards


Although used primarily as a mascara applicator, a spoolie brush works wonders for brows because of its spiralled bristles that help to shape them by effectively blending in eyebrow filler.

Step 2: Fill in from the inside


It's best to use a lighter shade for underlining and filling the inside of your brows, as one that matches your brow colour exactly might be too intense and obvious.

Step 3: Fill in your tail-end with a darker shade


Overextending the tail of your brow can create a droopy effect. To help figure out where the tail of your brow should end, hold a brow pencil diagonally from your nostril to the outer corner of your eye; where the pencil hits your brow bone is where the end of your brow should be (or can be extended to).

Step 4: Brush hairs up a second time


A second brush will also help spread the colour and disperse it evenly throughout your brow hairs.

Step 5: Set your brows


If you don’t have any brow gel, spritz some hairspray onto a spoolie and then comb it through your brows.


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Videographer: Roice Nel. Hair & make-up: Renee De Wit/Gloss. Model: Palesa/D&A Models. Production: Leila Petersen.

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