These 7 items deserve a spot in every man's wardrobe

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With summer just around the corner, it’s time to focus on the essential trends to follow this season.
Summer is just around the corner and to make sure your wardrobe is as hot as the weather, here's our guide to this season's staples that will keep you looking cool as the mercury rises.
Written by Jocelyn Stiebel


Why we love it: They're super cool and highly functional.
Cargo pants are a guy's answer to the handbag – they're perfect for keeping your wallet, phone and keys. And the good news is that they’re back in fashion. To smarten up what is otherwise a very casual pair of pants, team them with your favourite button-up shirt.
JX striped shirt 349.95 SHOP NOW; JX T-shirt 109.95 SHOP NOW; JX cargo pants 599.95; JX dad sneakers 499.95 SHOP NOW; Vans socks (set of 3) 299.95; Michael Kors watch 3999; accessories stylist’s own


Why we love it: It’s fun and shows authentic style.
The printed trouser is great for summer, a season that’s fun, daring and joyous. Wear them with an equally busy top to nail that print-on-print look or with your favourite tee for a more subdued style.
JX T-shirt 109.95; D66 checked pants 549.95 SHOP NOW; Diesel watch 8999; Adidas Adilette Aqua White slides 299.95; accessories stylist’s own
JX printed shirt 349.95 SHOP NOW; JX striped pants 449.95; Puma hybrid sneakers 1699.95; belt and accessories stylist’s own
JX printed T-shirt 199.95; JX checked pants 449.95; JX sunglasses 149.95JX canvas belt 129.95Skagen watch; bangles stylist’s own


Why we love it: It’s bold, loud and super trendy!
This trend is dangerously tricky to get right, so stick to the rule book if want to nail the look. Rule one: any accessories, including your shoes, should be muted; your co-ord is statement enough. Rule two: reserve this look for holidays or nights out; it’s not appropriate for any occasion that requires traditional dressing.
JX T-shirt 109.95; JX stripe shirt 349.95 SHOP NOW; JX stripe shorts 359.95; Skagen red watch 1999; Oakley sunglasses 1790


Why we love it: Anything labelled a classic deserves a lot of love…
And, well, because any good suit is trans-seasonal. For summer, make sure you ditch the long-sleeved, button-up, collared shirt and opt for a T-shirt instead – classic white, a fun colour or graphic-print tee will do the trick. Style the suit with sandals, sneakers and ankle socks or brogues – the options are endless.
JX striped logo t-shirt 199.95 SHOP NOW; D66 suit jacket 1099.95 SHOP NOW; D66 suit pants 449.95 SHOP NOW; Salomon Supercross sneakers 1799.95; accessories stylist’s own


JX dad sneakers 499.95

Why we love them: Also known as the dad sneaker, the chunky sneak is cool, comfortable and ultra versatile.
We’ve said it before and we will say it again, the '90s chunky sneaker trend isn’t going anywhere. It’s been around for a few seasons now and is sticking around for summer. Choose a version with neon accents or detailing for that extra edge.

Prada sunglasses 3390; Oakley sunglasses 1790; Oakley sunglasses 2190

Why we love it: they photograph really, really well – practically made for Instagram.
They’re outdoorsy; they reflect the glare more effectively and they give off major sporty vibes – particularly in shield versions – which is great for those days when an athleisure look is beckoning.

Skagen silicon-strap watches
from 1999 each

Why we love it: they’re so much more than just timepieces.
In the age of smartphones, watches are no longer used solely for their practicality – they are the accessory of choice for those wanting to display a real sense of style. Primary colours are having a major moment, which is why these bold timepieces are the perfect choice for summer.

Fashion editor: Brittany Penebre. Junior fashion editor: Rushana Burton. Photographer: Paulo Toureiro/ Hero. Grooming: Shahnaz Cola Wrensch/SNCM. Model: Fiifi/Boss.
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