Your weekly horoscope for 16 to 22 February

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Everything you need to know for your upcoming week


Now that Mars is in your money zone your finances should flow more easily. The good news is: you could boost your savings! The bad? You could spend more. Good news at work or regarding a fun venture is on the way.


Mars in Taurus should boost your energy, but you may also appear more feisty. Aim to channel the fiery Mars energy into favourite activities over the next few weeks. You’ll get a lot done with productive talks or meetings.


This is a good week for negotiations, meetings and commitments, especially if you wish to make changes in your career or general circumstances. Avoid allowing your vulnerabilities to dominate. Key news midweek could be a turning point.


You’ll appreciate getting your feet on the ground after recent changes. The other good news is that this week you could make great progress with your partnerships, both business and personal, so take the initiative. Romance could blossom.


Developments at home, at work or in your relationships will enable you to plan ahead with more certainty this week. Decisive developments could also boost health, beauty and wellbeing. Plan romance; singles may be ready to commit.


There is a healing quality to events this week. Plan to improve your circumstances, and the stars will help you! This is especially the case with relationships, work and domestic matters. Romance could soar this weekend; plan a treat.


A new and stabilising approach to someone who can be unpredictable will be beneficial. You may find that events give you a new understanding of someone, be this at home, at work, or regarding health and wellbeing.


You’ll appreciate the opportunity to make formal agreements or contracts this week. These could be binding or involve financial obligations. Your creativity will flow and you may increasingly invest in family, your home, beauty and romance.


You may be surprised by developments, especially those that concern your home, family or finances. You may be ready to make new arrangements in all of these areas, and these could be decisive changes, so ensure you get the facts.


As Venus and Saturn align in your sign this week, you should achieve a milestone within a work or personal matter. Key financial arrangements can be made or completed now. Just ensure, midweek, that you have all the facts, to avoid confusion.


Work and finances may be a focus this week, as you’ll get the chance to boost both areas. Just ensure you are clear about the terms of new agreements. You can truly make great progress across the board, and achieve a sense of stability.


Your endeavours, especially relating to work, health and wellbeing, will be in the spotlight. Take the initiative, as you could make progress. Socialising and networking could open doors and will be enjoyable, especially this weekend and early next week.

By Patsy Bennett

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