Your weekly horoscope for 2 to 8 February

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


You could scale mountains by channeling strong emotions into constructive activities this weekend. Avoid temper tantrums by creating a calm oasis. Positive talks during the week could lead to a breakthrough at work; with a friend or an organisation.


Aim to let off steam this weekend, especially if work or an adventurous and potentially life-changing plan are the source of tension. Luckily, solutions will be found via careful talks. Wait until after Tuesday’s New Moon to initiate change.


You may be surprised by events this weekend. You’ll enjoy a get-together, although someone may have intense feelings to share. A fresh venture will open doors, and may include the chance to deepen a relationship or to meet new people.


This weekend, a change of pace should be fun, but you must avoid arguments as they could escalate. Get set to turn a corner in a relationship or a collaboration. Tuesday’s New Moon could initiate fresh discussions about a family or creative matter.


Tuesday’s New Moon spells a fresh phase in a partnership or an agreement, especially if you were born August 9th-11th. Discussions may concern home or family. This weekend, prevent tensions from spiraling by finding ways to relax.


A fresh daily work or health routine may appeal. This weekend may be intense or involve considerable changes; for some, in a key relationship. Take the time to weigh how you wish a personal or family matter to proceed.


Keep domestic and family matters happy; and you’ll be happy! Someone may express particularly strong emotions and, the better you react to these, the better for you. Tuesday’s New Moon will kick-start a fresh phase with family or a creative project.


This weekend’s events may bring your passionate side out. It’ll be wise to let off steam if frustrations arise. A fresh chapter is about to begin at home or with family. Spiritual Scorpios may experience a fresh understanding of their beliefs.


A journey, talk or meeting during the week may mark a fresh chapter in a relationship or expand horizons. A fresh interest in improving your communications or digital gadgetry may develop. Passions could peak this weekend; avoid conflict.


Tuesday’s New Moon spells a fresh chapter financially. You may be ready to move forward beneficially from past agreements or events. There may be a surprise or, for some, conflict this weekend with extended family or at home, so aim for calm.


Someone may surprise you this weekend. Avoid conflict as it is likely to escalate. Tuesday’s Aquarian New Moon should be beneficial for you next week regarding a group or friend. It will be a good week to initiate productive talks.


Tuesday’s New Moon suggests you are ready to move forward, especially regarding work, health, or within your daily routine. This weekend’s events may point out your deeper feelings. Take the initiative to make changes after the New Moon.

By Patsy Bennett

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