Your weekly horoscope for 23 February to 1 March

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Everything you need to know for your upcoming week


You’re ready to put some of your long-term plans and ideas into action; and you may even be surprised by a change of direction that arises from your projects. A reunion or the chance to boost your work situation will arise.


A social event, or opportunity to take a new direction at work, will be enjoyable. The key to a happy week lies in keeping everyone in the loop and managing communications well. Get that right and you’ll be in the position to make the most of a reunion or work progress.


Key discussions relating to shared duties are likely to point to a new direction. Keep talks clear for best results. You may enjoy a favourite activity or get-together this weekend. Towards Friday, a networking or social event should prove beneficial.


Discussions and developments this week could signal a new agreement, especially if you were born mid-July. Avoid allowing idealism to get in the way of a practical plan. For some Crabs, this week will entail a fresh work or health incentive.


Plan ahead this week to ensure you are happy with the practicalities of a busy work schedule, else you may find yourself distracted by some intense feelings. You’ll appreciate the opportunity to get down to basics with a colleague or business partner.


A romantic and creative time is signaled this weekend; plan a treat! But if you are feeling exhausted, take time out for yourself. Take the initiative and collaborate with a colleague on joint plans, it could work out well for you.


Developments at home, with a property or family, could signal change. If you’re interested in DIY or home improvement this could be an ideal weekend to get ahead.  If making agreements, ensure you are clear about the details to avoid mix-ups.


You’ll enjoy a fun-loving and creative weekend; meeting with like-minded people and indulging in your favourite activities. If making financial agreements, ensure you avoid making assumptions. You’ll feel ready to get ahead at work.


Key financial investments deserve careful thought; and so do decisions that affect your emotional life. A trip, discussion, meeting or event will put the focus on your values. Are you ready to re-evaluate these, or stand up for them?


As Venus aligns with Pluto, don’t be surprised if intense emotions or dramatic events arise this weekend, especially if you were born on 12 or 13 January. All Capricorns may feel strong motivation this week; and this could drive considerable change.


It’s a good week to inform yourself about your best path forward. A reunion or news from your past may bring about a sense of progress. A debt may be repaid; and health should improve. A group or organisation may be helpful.


The Sun, Mercury and Neptune in your sign will put the focus on your communications and plans for the future. A trip or development could boost the dynamics of some of your relationships, both at work and at home.

By Patsy Bennett

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