Your weekly horoscope for 9 to 15 February

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week


An out-of-the-ordinary get-together this weekend should be enjoyable and may represent new options regarding friends, family or an organisation. Avoid impulsiveness towards Wednesday, although if you’re ready for change, you’ll enjoy being spontaneous.


If you’re looking for change in your daily routine, you’ll be pleased with developments this weekend. You may revisit an old haunt or enjoy a reunion. Midweek, be prepared for a surprise or an unusual opportunity – for some at work; for others, health-wise.


Be adaptable! A trip or get-together this weekend may take you into new territory but will also present the chance to do something different. During the week, you may hear unexpectedly from a group or friend, regarding travel, an adventure or study.


Change may be unexpected and so if you feel overwhelmed, take breaks when you can. A lovely event this weekend will be stimulating as you step into new territory. During the week, just make sure to double check that developments align with your big-picture goals.


You’ll appreciate the company of like-minded people this weekend and may enjoy an impromptu event. During the week, you’ll appreciate the chance to get down-to-basics about long-ranging or out-of-the-ordinary changes to areas you share, such as your living space. 


You’ll enjoy revitalising your work and health schedule and someone special may help. This weekend work, sports or the chance to do something different will appeal. Someone will surprise you midweek; potentially even romantically on St Valentine’s Day.


You’ll derive a great deal of pleasure from the company you keep this weekend. Some lovely get-togethers may even involve an impromptu event. Someone who can be unpredictable may behave true to form midweek; and prepare yourself for romance!


A change of schedule may involve a change in your health – or that of someone close to you. The good news is that you’ll feel motivated to boost your health and to make progress through fitness and wellbeing. News midweek may be unexpected.


You’ll appreciate the opportunity to be more proactive about your wellbeing, and the health of those you love. Artistic Sagittarians should also experience a surge in creativity. Domestic relationships could blossom, but you must avoid stubbornness; be flexible.


A trip, news or a get-together this weekend may be unanticipated, but company should be enjoyable. It’s a productive week to boost your environment or home. Be prepared for a surprise at home or with family midweek and to avoid impulsive decisions.


The recent Aquarian New Moon will continue to revitalise your life. You should enjoy a social get-together or a trip this weekend. But not everyone will feel as prepared for change as you: a fun but surprising event midweek may require some tact.


Chatterbox Mercury will be in your sign until mid-April, putting the focus over coming months on your communications and the chance to reconnect with someone from your past. You may experience surprise news this weekend; and there’s more to come midweek.

By Patsy Bennett

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