Your weekly horoscope for 16 to 22 March

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Everything you need to know for your upcoming week


You’ll enjoy an uplifting week, although events may also involve a challenge or a difference of values or opinions, especially towards the Supermoon on Thursday. You’ll benefit from reviewing and revising work and/or health matters.


You’ll enjoy an energy boost and the chance to change the parameters of some of your activities in adventurous ways. Thursday’s Supermoon will spotlight a personal matter to do with a friend or organisation. Tackle a change of heart tactfully.


A fresh chapter at home, with family or a property will begin, and this may involve the chance to establish a more therapeutic approach to someone special; or at work. Good communication skills will circumnavigate tension and disagreements.


A trip or interest will be therapeutic, so take the time to move forward most productively. For some, healing this week will come from clearing the air in a relationship or financially. Avoid a Mexican standoff: look for solutions, not problems.


A fresh agreement will signal the start of a fresh phase; for some involving a shared venture; for others, a new chapter in a relationship. The ultimate outcome will be therapeutic, even if the logistics may appear cumbersome at times.


You can make great strides in your ventures with an open mind, so avoid obstinacy. Consider also, if you would benefit from help or healing? Take the time to find support. Someone close may need help, and of course you will offer it.


Thursday’s Libran Supermoon will kick-start an exciting chapter where you could turn a corner in your daily routine – principally through changes in a health circumstance or at work. Be patient with someone at home and you’ll transform your domestic life.


You’ll experience a great deal of progress this week, especially in your career and personal life. The key to success will lie in careful communications and aiming for peace and harmony, especially where health and wellbeing are concerned.


This week, you can power ahead both at work and at home. Health incentives may also be favourable. Developments towards the Supermoon may involve a learning curve. Avoid feeling sensitive; be positive and adopt a self-nurturing approach.


You are ready for something new, and this may come from the necessity to re-evaluate who – and what – is truly important to you. You are dynamically invested in creating stability for yourself, but to secure this, you must be flexible in the short-term.


This is a dynamic week. A pitfall would be surging ahead without thoughts for the outcome. If a vulnerability becomes apparent (yours or someone else’s), see this as a chance to re-orientate your thoughts and expectations – both of yourself and others.


It’s a good week to establish more peace and calm at work and in your relationships through strong self-esteem and positivity. Key talks should be profitable, but you must avoid expecting the impossible, or a reality check will arise.

By Patsy Bennett

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