Your weekly horoscope for 23 to 29 March

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Everything you need to know for your upcoming week


Both work and health will deserve careful focus. You should feel this week, however, that you make considerable progress, especially with a group, organisation or friendship. You’ll enjoy a get-together or ego boost this weekend.


A reunion should bring you into contact with like-minded people. There may be a bitter-sweet context to some get-together this week. You may be asked for help. Working Taureans will be busy and may also experience a surprising lift.


So much focus on your activities, pastimes and work at the moment spells a busy week. You must remain open to new ideas and activities, or you may become entrenched in your routine. A reunion will be enjoyable and nurturing.


Some wonderful get-togethers will nourish your soul. Take your time to embrace ideas and circles of people you might not usually associate with, as some out-of-the-ordinary experiences will broaden your horizons. Romance could flourish.


A commitment is likely to be long-standing, so ensure you are happy about your decisions. Mercury will end its retrograde phase on Thursday, so you have time to reconsider some of your plans now. A change of pace will boost relationships.


Fresh ways to consider tackling health and wellbeing – both your own and those of someone close – will inspire you to consider a fresh diet, exercise regime or spiritual practice. A pleasant change of routine towards Thursday could be ideal.


A fresh outlook through developments at home or with someone special will spark a feel-good vibe this week. You’ll enjoy a get-together or validation of the love you have for someone. Extra focus on health and wellbeing will be rewarded.


A heartwarming get-together this weekend will put you in a happy place for some days to come. There may be a healing or a therapeutic aspect to your endeavours, especially in connection with family, long-term ventures and travel.


A lovely boost to your ego, work or even finances will put your mind at rest regarding your security and stability. A domestic circumstance should delight, too. Avoid forcing change in a relationship; you may be surprised by developments.


A trip or get-together this weekend will take you to a beautiful place or to meet lovely people; so if you have nothing planned yet, organise a treat! You’ll enjoy a boost in your personal life, with a surprise likely towards Thursday.


Consider how to boost your financial and personal circumstances. You may be repaid a debt; or you will be able to reconnect with old friends who simply ‘get’ you. An impromptu event midweek will bring your up-tempo spontaneous side out.


The conjunction of Mercury and Neptune will bring your inner poet out; you’ll enjoy romance, beautiful activities, art and music. It’s best to face a health matter head-on. A surprise midweek will bring the news you’ve been waiting for.

By Patsy Bennett

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