Your weekly horoscope for 30 March to 5 April

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Friday’s Aries New Moon will encourage you to see the world through new eyes and you should feel re-invigorated, both in your personal life and at work. Key news or a get-together during the week will motivate you to succeed.


You’ll gain fresh incentive to consider a trip, get-together or a special venture in a new light, and this will kick-start a fresh chapter regarding health or work. A favourite activity, teamwork, or a friendship will blossom this week.


As you turn a corner at work, there will be conversations or meetings that require detailed consideration. A shared financial matter may need focus mid-week. A contract or agreement could be significant. A trip somewhere lovely will appeal.


The adventure you’re looking for is within reach. But this week, a more relaxed and relationship- focussed approach may appeal, too. Romance comes at the top of your list, and a promising new chapter in a work context could be ideal.


Friday’s Aries New Moon points to a fresh chapter in a shared area of your life, such as joint finances or domestic space. Duties and health will dictate your actions. Take time out to enjoy a treat; romance could blossom.


You’ll feel re-energised by turning a corner with a partnership (business or personal). Take the initiative and draw a line or make a commitment, so you know where you stand. Events towards Thursday may seem intense, so maintain perspective.


A development at home that will include the chance to touch base with a favourite character will fuel good vibes. But a fresh start in a partnership (business or personal) may take a little adjustment, so take things step by step.


You’ll be ready to turn a corner at work and this will feel rewarding or even reinvigorating. Take your time to adjust to circumstances, as some talks, conversations or communications may seem intense. Romance could blossom this week.


Friday’s Aries New Moon should feel revitalising in your personal life and also creatively. You may tend to feel idealistic however, especially about a relationship, project or domestic matter, so ensure you base your actions on facts.


You’re set to begin a fresh chapter at home, with family or a domestic matter. Careful talks and negotiations beforehand will lead to the results you want. A trip to somewhere beautiful will appeal both to you and someone special.


A new chapter in a contract, agreement or relationship should put you on track for a refreshing chapter that brings certain truths to the forefront. A strong link with your past may bring out deep feelings. A debt could be repaid.


You’re about to turn a corner financially, so remain optimistic about work and personal plans. A conversation with a group or friend could be a turning point. You may feel idealistic, so be inspired but practical too, especially at work.

By Patsy Bennett

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