Your weekly horoscope for 9 to 15 March

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Everything you need to know for your upcoming week


Now that the celestial game changer Uranus has left Aries, the prospect of more settled activities and projects will begin to appeal to you. You can make so much progress this week, although legal, study, long-distance and spiritual matters will require focus.


With Uranus in Taurus now, expect to see change both in your personal and work life. This week, the key to happiness lies in careful talks with organisations and friends. Then all your lovely activities and plans will fall into place.


This is a power-packed week for you, so aim to succeed! Success will entail co-operation and perhaps even compromise, as long as the playing field is even. Make your best efforts, and you should get the results you want by Friday.


You should begin to see more clearly how well your plans and actions are coming together for you, especially if you are bold during the week and aim to collaborate and co-operate at work, with travel plans, study and in your personal life.


There’s a choice this week. One is to stick to the tried-and-trusted; and the other, to try something new, despite potential teething problems. The bolder and more adventurous you are (while maintaining standards), the happier you’ll be.


New collaborations, projects and ventures; and the sense that your duties and ideas can have more breadth and scope, will be exciting. But much of your happiness will revolve around relationships, so ensure you nurture these too, especially domestically.


The better your domestic circumstances the better you will function at work, and results along these lines should arise. Good communication skills will foster good relationships. A trip or meeting towards Friday could be a catalyst for something new.


Some great relationships, contacts and interactions this week will feel truly satisfying and should promote your work interests, too. So take the initiative and push yourself forward. Just be careful to avoid grandstanding. Finances may require focus.


You’ll enjoy a boost in self-esteem and happiness. Be bold and work towards your goals both at work and in your personal life. If you encounter tension or even a disagreement, take the time to defuse this before it becomes serious conflict.


There is so much progress this week, it would be a pity to be dragged down by matters from your past. Aim to boost health; be progressive and positive, and you could scale mountains now. Avoid disagreements, especially towards Thursday.


Your hard work has every chance of success; you are due a positive outcome for all your hard work from the past, and may even be surprised by a financial or an ego boost. Avoid needless conflict with a group, organisation or friend.


As the Sun and Mercury align in Pisces, expect important developments. You should experience an upturn socially or at work. You’ll enjoy an ego-boost as a result. Avoid biting off more than you can chew, as this could put pressure on.

By Patsy Bennett

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