How to hide signs of a cold with make-up and skincare

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Did you wake up with a nasty cold? There’s no need to look like death warmed up – these beauty tips and products will erase the signs of illness and restore health to your complexion.
Red nose, chapped lips, puffy face, a pale complexion – these are just a few of the beauty woes that come with a cold. Make-up may not be your top priority when you’re seriously under the weather, but once you’re over the worst it’s time to breathe some life back into your complexion. Here are a few clever tips and products to help you look better than you feel. 

Make sure you're using a rich cream

A rich, nourishing cream will soothe parched skin and restore your natural glow. If your skin is dry and irritated, add a few drops of facial oil to your everyday face cream and pat it into your skin for an extra moisture boost.

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Grab a soothing balm 

The sensitive skin around your lips and nose is hit hard by a cold, and may appear red, inflamed and chapped. Protect and repair it with an intensely nourishing balm that seals in moisture and helps your skin bounce back quickly.

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Boost radiance with hydrating foundations

Consider hydrating foundations and tinted moisturisers your skin’s new best friends. These hardworking products revive a dull, uneven complexion, giving your skin a healthy colour boost while erasing signs of fatigue.

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Colour correct with concealer

A concealer is essential when trying to disguise the aftermath of a cold. While hydrating foundations and tinted moisturisers go a long way to conceal shadows and red blotches, colour correctors target specific skin problems. A yellow-based concealer diminishes purple or blue under-eye circles; green-based concealers neutralise redness around the nose; and an apricot-hued concealer brightens the skin for a fresh, healthy look.

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Use a waterproof mascara 

Sneezes and sniffles mean watery eyes, so keep eye make-up simple with soft, brightening eyeshadow instead of eyeliner, which might smudge during the day. Use a light coat of waterproof mascara to help revive and ‘open’ your eyes.

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Add a pop of colour to cheeks and lips

Nothing lifts a dull complexion more than a pop of colour. Blush is a must to give cheeks a healthy flush and bring your complexion back to life. Creamy, hydrating formulas will blend easily into your skin and give it a dewy finish, as opposed to powder blushes that may accentuate dryness. As for colour, go for peachy shades. These hues instantly perk up sallow-looking skin. Avoid red tones as these may emphasise blotchiness. Use a tinted balm or nourishing lipstick on lips for a healthy, protective glow.

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