Your weekly horoscope for 20 to 26 April

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week


Prepare for the focus to shift to your love life, values and money over coming weeks. The recent Full Moon will continue to shine on your relationships, prompting you to rekindle some. Take time out this weekend to reboot health, too.


Your energy levels should improve this week and moving forward. This weekend, someone may need your help or vice-versa. A surprise or a change of routine towards midweek will provide the chance to review a travel plan or a relationship.


Key developments could be decisive this week, especially to do with work, a health matter or a long-term choice. You may be surprised by news or a development in connection with a group, friend or an organisation midweek.


A trip will certainly boost your feel-good factor. News or developments may take you into a deeper understanding of someone – or even of yourself. A change of focus at work or in your direction will be refreshing if out of the ordinary.


You like to shine so you’ll enjoy your week as you’ll get the chance to help someone or to be a true friend. Developments may even be therapeutic. You’ll enjoy a change of pace midweek. A friend or partner may surprise you.


Frank talks and get-togethers this weekend will shed light on a key relationship. News midweek could involve a development at home, with family or property that will prompt a new way to invest in the domestic arena or in your future.


You’ll appreciate the opportunity to boost your looks, finances and wellbeing. A change of schedule may arise this weekend, and this should enable you to boost your health. A get-together midweek may be revealing and enlightening.


This weekend’s Scorpio Moon will boost your wellbeing. It is a good weekend for a health or medical appointment. You may be surprised by developments at work midweek or by a change of schedule. Romance could blossom.


There is a healing aspect to your weekend: you may be asked to help someone, or may need to ask for help yourself. You’ll appreciate the support. A change in your personal life or your routine midweek could be a surprise.


Big-picture developments will shine a light on consequences at home or regarding a property or family this week. A trip may be therapeutic or even healing in nature this weekend, but you must avoid misunderstandings and mix-ups.


You are a sensitive soul, but you rarely broadcast the fact! This weekend, your vulnerabilities may emerge, so consider who you could ask for help so you can progress, especially regarding financial, health or personal matters.


You are a dreamer, and so sometimes when the harsh realities of life hit home, you can take these personally. This weekend, you’ll enjoy taking time out to boost self-esteem and personal relationships. You may be surprised by developments midweek.

By Patsy Bennett

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