Your weekly horoscope for 27 April to 3 May

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Everything you need to know for your upcoming week


Living in the present has its merits, but you need to research the potential outcomes of your decisions in order to succeed now. Avoid being pressured into making decisions you’re not ready for yet. Plans for a project or a trip should progress.


Change is on the horizon and planning will help you move forward. Research your options and take steps to familiarise yourself with projects and plans, such as study and travel. You should gain direction or a financial boost by Friday.


You’ll feel proactive and outgoing, so ensure you aim for specific goals as you could excel. Collaborate with those you share duties and responsibilities with, and you should gain a clearer impression of where you stand during the week.


To move forward, you may need to clarify your relationship and logistics concerning someone from your past. There may be misunderstandings unless you are super clear. A trip or an uplifting development will signal you’re on the right path.


Before you take action, ensure you are clear about your circumstances. For example, you may doubt the merit of returning to an old circumstance, or resuming a relationship. Developments mid-week and on Friday will point you in the right direction.


Best friends and family members don’t always agree, and yet you still have common ground. Focus on what you have together this week, as some misunderstandings and mix-ups may take you off-course. A trip or a visit will be positive.


Domestic developments may be demanding as you try to find ways to accommodate everyone’s needs and wishes. Avoid spreading yourself too thin this week. A change in your work schedule, finances or health will prove to be positive for you.


You may need to accommodate someone else’s feelings now. A reunion could be bitter-sweet. A health matter is best approached matter-of-factly. Avoid making far-ranging plans without all the facts, especially financially, even if there are signs of positive growth.


Abundant Jupiter is working hard to boost all that is good in your life. Be patient; you should see signs of progress by Friday. Get the facts you need at home and with family, financially and at work; then you will know what decisions to make.


As an earth sign, you rarely make snap decisions, and your diligence is an asset this week, especially regarding work and domestic matters. You should get the green light you are looking for by Friday at the latest.


You’ll enjoy a reunion and the chance to catch up with work. Some matters may be trickier than you’d hoped, so you must avoid pushing ahead simply because you wish to make changes. Be patient: you’ll get the green light.


Updates from a friend or organisation will help you plan ahead, even if the news isn’t exactly what you wanted. Finances are best approached methodically: you could make progress at work; and may experience an upturn financially by Friday.

By Patsy Bennett

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