Your weekly horoscope for 6 to 12 April

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Everything you need to know for your upcoming week


Your work and daily demands will keep you on your toes, and a positive connection with a group, friend or organisation will keep you motivated. Ensure you maintain energy levels. A trip may be complex, but should be rewarding too.


As you turn a corner in your work life, health and wellbeing, you will gain insight into the importance of having dependable people and organisations. A collaboration may keep you busy this week, and the better your communication skills, the smoother your week.


There is a therapeutic element to the weekend; you may enjoy a health or beauty treatment and you’ll enjoy spending time with like-minded people. You are also likely to get on top of a work project, but co-operation and compromise may be necessary.


You’ll enjoy a trip, environment or get-together this weekend. Some lucky Crabs will enjoy romance and the chance to relax. You’ll gain ground with a key project. Avoid hiccups mid-week and Friday by employing excellent communication skills.


You should receive good news this weekend, and will enjoy a get-together such as a working bee or a fun activity. During the week, be practical and well organised for best results. Avoid unrealistic expectations, especially with domestic arrangements.


This is an excellent week for romance, especially this weekend, so singles, ensure you mingle; and couples, you’ll enjoy rekindling romance. Certain agreements will be worth reviewing if you stumble across a challenge mid-week or towards Friday.


You’ll enjoy a therapeutic or uplifting weekend. Romance and a beauty treat will appeal. You should begin to see positive results for all your hard work, both at home and at work. Be adaptable mid-week and Friday for best results.


Your favourite people and activities will combine to make this a busy and enjoyable week. Avoid overloading your schedule by making sure you’re well organised in advance, or logistics could become an issue mid-week and towards Friday.


You should enjoy pleasant domestic developments this week, as well as a health boost. A financial matter will benefit from careful scrutiny mid-week. Avoid unrealistic expectations towards Friday. Plan the details of a trip or visit for best results.


You’ll enjoy a get-together with someone who means a lot to you this week. Romance could flourish, so ensure you plan a treat. Stay positive towards mid-week, but be realistic with domestic or family developments. Avoid misunderstandings towards Friday.


You’ll appreciate the chance to catch up with an old friend or a work colleague this weekend, as well as the opportunity to invest in yourself or someone you love. Avoid getting stuck on a topic mid-week and avoid mix-ups towards Friday.


You’ll have an excuse to boost your looks and update your wardrobe this weekend for a social event – or simply because you want to! An activity with a friend or organisation may be busy or complex, so ensure you keep communications clear.

By Patsy Bennett

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