Your weekly horoscope for 4 May to 10 May

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The Taurean New Moon points to a fresh and promising financial phase, but you will need to research circumstances carefully to avoid making mistakes. You should hear good news this week in connection with a venture, project or someone close.


Sunday’s New Moon signifies a fresh chapter in your personal life. You will enjoy sprucing up your looks and re-energising your life. For some Taureans, this week will involve a new chapter at work or health-wise. A financial matter may require focus.


You’ll enjoy a lovely get-together this weekend that will bring you closer to like-minded people. A fresh chapter socially (and at work for May Twins) will involve the chance to gain traction with your interests, friends and even career.


The New Moon may entail a change regarding a project. You’ll appreciate the chance to improve your daily routine or work schedule; a trip or study may appeal. An obstacle may be an opportunity in disguise, so ensure you research options.


Sunday’s New Moon will bring exciting visitors or activities your way. You may be drawn to projects and ventures that could bring more stability and security into your life. A lovely trip or get-together this weekend will be food for the soul.


Consider re-organising a shared circumstance, such as shared duties or space. You may contemplate fresh ideas regarding investments or debt. If you’re unsure of your next step, consider the practicalities regarding work, travel and loved ones.


Get set to turn a corner in your personal life; you may begin to share your duties or time with someone in new ways. A trip this weekend will feel fulfilling, but you must avoid impulsiveness; you may need to show patience.


Sunday’s New Moon points to a new circumstance in a partnership, business or personal life. For many, this New Moon points to a fresh chapter regarding work or health. You may need to focus on finances to decide your next step.


A fun-filled or upbeat event this weekend will be enjoyable, so ensure you organise one if you haven’t already. Sunday’s New Moon points to a fresh chapter that may entail considerable change – for some at work, for others in your personal life.


You’ll welcome more sensuality into your life. This may be due to more romance, or simply through a beautiful environment and good food and company. A reunion may appeal. Travel or communications may be delayed or complex, so be patient.


A trip or get-together this weekend should be enjoyable. A fresh chapter is about to begin at home (especially for January Aquarians) and a new agreement may arise. You’ll enjoy feeling motivated by your various projects and ideas.


You’ll enjoy a boost in self-esteem or even in status this weekend, and you’ll appreciate a little retail therapy, too. A fresh chapter is beginning with a friend or a group that should become rewarding, even if an obstacle arises initially.

By Patsy Bennett

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