Why it’s cool to bring along your own reusable mug

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We take a look at reusable mugs that really make a difference in our fight against climate change.
With the world becoming more aware (and horrified) of the havoc we as humans wreak on our planet on a daily basis, it’s high time we start thinking about how our everyday actions could actually make the world a better place. 
Enter the reusable mug, helping us save the planet one hot beverage at a time. Reusable surpasses recyclable, something Australian creator of Ecoffee Cup, David McLagan, whole-heartedly believes. ‘Even if we recycled at a rate of 100%, that wouldn’t be the answer,’ he explains to Forbes. ‘We believe recycling is just a way of allaying consumer guilt.’ Fair enough.

Perhaps this awareness is what has caused a dramatic rise in the sale of reusable coffee mugs; in fact, the BYO coffee cup has become somewhat of a trend. Certain South African coffee retailers are offering their customers discounts on a cuppa should they bring along their own mug. So, save the planet and your money by buying your own reusable mug – plus, your favourite beverage will stay hotter for longer. Bonus.

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