Your weekly horoscope for 29 June to 5 July

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


You’ll enjoy a pleasant turn of events this weekend. Wednesday’s total solar eclipse will mark a turning point; domestically for March Aries, and, for April Aries, concerning travel, agreements or communications. Ensure you take breaks and trust your intuition.


A surprise get-together or news will boost your mood this weekend. The solar eclipse midweek will spotlight where some of your communications may require a tweak and, for some, key financial matters that will benefit from research or a remedy.


You’ll appreciate the opportunity to meet like-minded people this weekend. The total eclipse of the sun midweek will spotlight a financial decision, especially for May-born Twins; and a personal decision or emotional matter for June-born Twins.


Wednesday’s eclipse will be in your sign and represents a major turning point in your personal and emotional life, especially if it’s your birthday midweek. For many July-born Cancerians, this eclipse points to a fresh chapter at work and regarding health.


You’ll enjoy a more varied and upbeat weekend. Be ready to turn a corner, especially in your daily routine due to a new work or health routine. For many, the main change will come in the circle of people you associate with daily.


Someone may surprise you this weekend; you’ll enjoy a get-together with someone unique, funny or inspiring. Wednesday’s solar eclipse points to a fresh phase in your status, career or direction, especially in relation to family or those you care for.


A fun event this weekend will revitalise a close relationship. Someone may even surprise you. The solar eclipse suggests a fresh interest, venture or activity will open doors for you over coming weeks, so keep an eye out for opportunities.


You’ll appreciate a change of routine this weekend; you may enjoy trying something new. Wednesday’s solar eclipse will spotlight your feelings about fresh ventures or a trip; and new ways to share key areas of your life, such as finances.


New territory and fresh ventures will appeal. You may enjoy considering a trip somewhere exciting as new horizons beckon. Wednesday’s solar eclipse will spotlight the importance of collaboration via shared space or joint responsibilities.


This week’s total solar eclipse will be significant for December-born Capricorns as it signals the start of a fresh chapter in a partnership. January Capricorns will begin a new daily routine. You’ll enjoy a fun weekend; even if a surprise arises, too.


Prepare for a busy and changeable week. Wednesday’s eclipse will kick-start a fresh routine at work or due to health matters for January Aquarians; and February Aquarians will see a fresh chapter take place with family or creative projects.


This is an ideal week to consider how to make your home life, domestic circumstances or family life more comfortable and to put in place better interpersonal dynamics. You may be pleasantly surprised by a visit or a financial development.

By Patsy Bennett

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