Your weekly horoscope for 8 to 14 June

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


Key decisions and news will be pivotal regarding longer-term choices to do with your big-picture direction and, for some, domestic circumstances. There is an element of luck and fate that will figure in your decisions, so trust in your good fortune.


A key meeting, news or trip will bring you together with an old friend, colleague or teacher and, at the same time, will take you rapidly into a fresh circumstance. Avoid ‘buying into’ a feeling of being lost. You will find your way.


Venus, the planet that rules love and money enters Gemini this weekend, putting the focus squarely on love and money over the next four weeks. You will gain clearer financial direction this week, and may even be pleasantly surprised.


A get-together towards Thursday will bring you up to date with someone special. If you are single, you may meet a kindred spirit. A past situation may be the cause of some concern, but rest assured, you will move forward.


You may be uncertain of a particular person, commitment or relationship earlier in the week but rest assured, you will gain certainty by the end of the week. A reunion or a return to an old haunt will be significant later in the week.


Uncertainty can be a real annoyance as it prevents action. And, as you are such a proactive character, you like to be certain of your actions. Luckily, this week you will gain direction, especially regarding someone specific and, for some, romantically.


The appeal of broadening your horizons will be prominent this week, especially via long-distance travel, study or simply through understanding people better, but you must avoid escapism. You will gain direction by Friday at work or health-wise.


Frank talks aimed at practical outcomes will take you far this week, as you will manage to overcome indecision, especially regarding finances, family and/or a creative project. A lovely get-together towards Friday will validate your decisions.


Take steps to find what you are looking for this week; you’ll be glad you did. Jupiter wishes you good luck and can bring abundance your way. It is important however to seek good luck and abundance, or you risk missing out.


Key news or meetings this week may bring to a head certain ideas and relationships, especially if you were born early January. Avoid impulsiveness, particularly towards Thursday, and ensure you research health, travel and work decisions.


You’ll enjoy embellishing home d├ęcor and improving family relationships over the next three weeks. It is important to be clear about goals, especially concerning a reunion, work and health. You may enjoy a financial or an ego boost as a result.


You will gain direction this week, especially in connection with your long-term work and domestic circumstances. You’ll appreciate the chance to deepen your relationship with someone special. Romance could blossom towards Friday.

By Patsy Bennett

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