Your weekly horoscope for 20 July to 26 July

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


Developments at home and regarding your general direction will be decisive, ending a period of uncertainty. You’ll gain information that will help you to proceed, even if you must be resolute, assertive and calm about your own ideas along the way.


A trip, visit or get-together could be transformative; you may experience an intense development. News that you’ve been waiting for, or that has been slow to materialise, will provide you with direction during the week. Romance could blossom towards Thursday.


This will be an important week involving key financial transactions and interpersonal matters that may also tug at your heartstrings. You may resume a work, daily or health schedule that has been in the planning for some time. Work could blossom.


This weekend’s Venus-Pluto opposition will be most potent for mid-July Cancerians, although all Crabs may experience an intense get-together or event. Developments in your personal and creative life will be nostalgic, and yet you are ever moving on.


The Sun in Leo for four weeks will put the focus increasingly on your desires and your ability to manifest wonderful results, so ensure you take the initiative now with your various projects. Key news this weekend and towards Thursday will provide direction.


A social or family gathering this weekend should be enjoyable, as long as you avoid some sensitive topics in a social setting. A family matter may come to a head, and you’ll move on by avoiding raking over old coals. Romance could flourish, so plan a treat.


Developments at home may impact your work circumstances or general circumstances. You may find you must alter your plans in favour of establishing peace at home. Key news towards Thursday could include a financial or an ego boost.


You’ll enjoy engaging in beautiful developments this weekend, although some may rouse intense emotions. A trip may require extra planning. News towards Thursday should be positive at work or financially, so ensure you take the initiative with projects.


Jupiter in your sign makes a lucky aspect with action-packed Mars towards the end of the week, suggesting positive developments. You may however need to make a tough call in your personal life or financially beforehand. Ensure you think long-term.


Decisions and developments this weekend may bring out strong feelings, especially for mid-January Capricorns. A meeting, change of routine or romantic engagement may be intense. A return to a familiar routine or place towards Thursday will delight.


A change at work or a fresh health routine will be productive, even if initially complex or emotional. A get-together this weekend with a health focus could be transformative. You’ll enjoy developments towards Thursday with a group or friend.


Your artistic, philosophical, music-loving side will come out this weekend. You’ll enjoy socialising, although some events may be intense, so you must avoid over-indulgence. Plan to boost your status, career and interests; you can make great progress this week.

By Patsy Bennett

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