Your weekly horoscope for 6 July to 12 July

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


This week you may need to conform to someone else’s rules and regulations. Take the time to express yourself in your own inimitably positive way. Try to get key paperwork sorted out before Monday to avoid mix-ups during the week.


You may experience a strong draw to a place; to a person; or to a particular activity this week, that may also involve a link with your past. Take the time to enjoy a trip or a get-together that will be healing on many levels.


Your sign’s ruler, Mercury, will begin a retrograde phase on Monday, bringing important paperwork and a change of environment into focus. Ensure you get communications, finances and travel sorted out in advance to avoid mix-ups.


You’ll seek love, harmony and balance in life – even more than usual! A lovely event may be therapeutic early in the week. However, duties, people’s demands and chores may put your plans to the test. Be flexible, clear and assertive for best results.


You’ll enjoy gaining deeper insight into someone close who may also ask for your help. Try to get on top of work and health plans this weekend, as you’ll better manage key news and will stick to your schedule without too many distractions.


The predominantly Virgo Moon this weekend will help you to get things organised, and will also be conducive to romance, especially on Sunday, so plan a treat. A group or friend may be supportive, especially regarding family matters.


Important domestic matters, especially those to do with a father figure or male, will merit careful attention. For some, a work development will mean changes at home. Key news is best approached with a view to establishing the most therapeutic outcome.


Uranus will continue to bring new ideas and change into your life. But change may also present as disruption or upheaval, so ensure you take time out to regroup, especially with developments at work, with health or due to a change of routine.


A reorientation of your beliefs or even goals now would simply take you into a fresh relationship – not only with others, but also regarding your own plans. Take things step by step this week, and aim for healing and recuperative activities.


As Saturn aligns opposite the Sun, prepare to make fresh commitments. These may be to work; to someone special or financially. You’ll appreciate experiencing a healing environment and so ensure you find time to soak up nature when possible.


Be aware of your limitations and those of others, and you will enjoy your week. Connect with people who will help you to make solid progress at work, health-wise and in your personal life. You can boost circumstances, but must be patient.


You are an idealist at heart, and so you tend to experience more reality checks than most star signs. Aim to find solutions to problems rather than simply accepting things as they are. But you must be ready to make practical agreements, too.

By Patsy Bennett

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