Your weekly horoscope for 24 to 30 August

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


Make the most of a brief window of opportunity to sort out a family or home problem with ruler Mercury in bold Leo. Here’s a chance to make a residential move decision or find the right person to undertake a refurbishment.


Surprising news reaches you on a matter where finances are shared, for example, with a partner. Don’t be alarmed. Discretion will be required but the upshot is entirely favourable. Soon there’ll be good reason for a celebration.


Progress is indicated in your career or in a public role you play. Thinking big is likely to result in a favourable cash return – this is not a time to hold back if you have sound confidence in your gifts.


This is a fabulous time to be noticed for all the right reasons, in your work especially, as the Sun shines at the top of your chart. Make the most of social opportunities to impress those who have power to elevate you.


Spiritual interests or gifts attract your attention as you seek new ways to look at life. A fresh perspective is needed to tackle some of life’s problems or dilemmas. This can and will be a very self-empowering period for you.


It’s not what you know so much as who you know that makes all the difference now. One ally or friend is in a position to advance your cause so don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help.


Do not hold back in spelling out the facts to a group of people who perhaps are not facing up to realities. No need to be unpleasant, just speak plainly and honestly. This is excellent timing to open eyes.


Though this is a hard-working time when you must attend to detail to succeed, you can by all means plan a well-earned holiday – soon you’ll be free to fly off to a leisurely place for a restorative break and return refreshed.


Focus now on what you want to do creatively or professionally, even if this means going against the grain or other people’s expectations. Taking an independent line is sometimes the only way forward. You’ll be surprised how well this works.


Showing courage or chutzpah in an argument or debate will impress someone who is watching you with great interest, perhaps at work or in your social circle. Key to future wins is working with people more on your wavelength.


Work and health are under favourable cosmic trends, giving you that extra push to capitalise on what you do. This week, it’s not just appreciation from others you receive but happy monetary news. A reward for your sterling efforts.


With Mercury in your sign for much of this week, expect to succeed in getting a message across to colleagues or a loved one. Any bold plan devised in this period has a high likelihood of success if you’re patient.

By Victor Olliver

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