Your weekly horoscope for 14 September to 20 September

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It’s important to know that with so many planets in Virgo, you will come across to others as a lot more forceful or overbearing than usual – so give people a chance to explain themselves. This way you avoid confrontation.


A lighter, brighter feel to life will enable you to make fast work of any difficulties to do with someone’s health, wellbeing or work. Creative ruler Venus inspires you to find inspired solutions to problems which seemed challenging.


Whatever the ‘issue’ in your life, think about the financial implication and what’s in it for you. For too long you’ve sold yourself short. Now there’s an opportunity to remind others that you don’t come cheap. Name your price.


Home affairs will have been tricky and confusing in recent times with possible ructions in the family. The full moon sheds light on domestic matters even if emotions are a little raw. One result is a great improvement in finances.


What seems like news of a setback should not be taken too seriously. You’ll soon see a new advantage – or that someone has misunderstood an item of information. Make sure you double-check data and this way you avoid confusion.


Money is owed to you and now’s the time to set a deadline for payment. Or else. You’ll need extra cash because Venus’ new move will draw you to extravagances, especially on foreign travel. You sense a need to refresh your social life.


Quite a few ‘dull’ people are attempting to stifle your spirit in some way. Full moon sets a new fortnight trend where you’re making a much greater effort to express yourself. No need to hold back. Let them know what you think.


Social life gets a major boost as Mercury and Venus enter your chart house of people-pleasing. This also adds a lot of colour to love life – which you deserve after a hard-working time. Singletons can expect fresh interest from newcomers.


You’d be wise to take a greater interest in the feelings of people you work with, or even family members. Showing more sensitivity will make life a lot easier to handle. For some, there’s a raised chance of office romance – or more.


An inheritance issue, or any kind of argument over family money, comes to the fore. It all seems very murky, yet the stars favour a positive outcome for you, if not now then in the future. You’ll just have to be patient.


Restlessness is trigged by full moon as dreams of getting away to an exotic isle or someplace glamorous contrast badly with real life. Make future plans, certainly, but do attend to responsibilities, as gains can be made this way.


Go out of your way to be extra charming to colleagues, neighbours or siblings. A honeyed tongue will bring you all sorts of unsought benefits and may even help you emerge successful from a money issue. Just keep smiling.

By Victor Olliver

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