Your weekly horoscope for 21 to 27 September

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A time of many delights such as receiving gifts from loved ones but also of resolving any disputes with a neighbour or acquiring new skills through a study course. With family problems, do set aside ‘me-time’ for rest or respite.


You know the actual truth behind a certain situation. So, use this knowledge to let another person know that you understand what they’re facing. You’ll gain a lot more respect for your candour and this increases your range of influence.


Take the direct approach to obtain money owed to you. Being diplomatic or clever is not the right strategy now. You may fear causing offence but what of your feelings? Someone will respond a lot more favourably to your frankness.


Jupiter will help you get over a behaviour of yours, which in the past has held you back professionally. Are you too outspoken? Or even too self-effacing? Whatever it is, an opportunity arrives which can lead to promotion or recognition.


An unexpected development at home could cause you to change plans to get away – or it might be that someone in the family is unhappy and you need a break from it. No matter the opposition, do what needs to be done to refresh yourself.


The peril now is a loose tongue. An indiscreet remark may pass your lips when you think no one’s paying attention. You could avoid embarrassment by shutting your mouth but better to avoid making observations that are a little too honest.


Someone in your social circle is about to blurt out a secret, which in the longer run actually helps you in your dealings with authority figures. Tempers may get frayed, but you’ll get to appreciate a new climate of openness.


There’s no time to waste. It could be a trip that must be organised or meeting a deadline. But a closer analysis of one life situation will soon reveal that a fast response is required to get what you want.


An unwelcome change in your private affairs should not be treated as bad news. On the contrary, you’ll soon discover after the initial response that you’re set upon a new path that better suits professional ideals or creative gifts.


There’s much activity in the home or family – because of refurbishment or preparation for a move. Behind all this is a sense of expansion, positivity and fulfilment. Okay, life can never be perfect but there’s merit in aiming high.


Neighbours will be playing a big part in social life through favours or community activity. Someone fresh to your world brings excitement. This is also a period of accelerated learning. A great time to start a course to sharpen skills.


Don’t hold back from giving full expression to any kind of talent – be this for art, music, writing or anything. With Mars involved, you will have to be a lot more decisive and assertive in grabbing attention. Boast (a bit!).

By Victor Olliver

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