Your weekly horoscope for 7 September to 13 September

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The important thing is to stay practical and realistic as you’re confronted by confused signals from a partner, close friend or agent. You’re the one with the feet on the ground while others are carried away by wishful thinking.


Venus will soon move into Libra and suddenly life lights up considerably. The old mojo returns, the next season’s look is adopted and people you haven’t seen in ages turn up from nowhere. You can win over anyone now.


You don’t feel you’re on a group’s wavelength while certain people within this organisation regard you as being impractical on an issue. The best way forward is to sit down and negotiate to reach a fruitful compromise. Learn from each other.


Now is the time to win over the people who still harbour doubts about the wisdom of your recent actions. Sagittarius on a charm offensive is a sight to behold – and your chart is urging you on to schmooze and allay fears.


A societal event, a major local jamboree or other celebration is the highlight of this period – a chance for you to play social peacock – not that you ever knowingly show off. Alternatively, a property matter moves in your favour.


It’s not that you’re disorganised as a rule, but sometimes you leave the sorting out of life’s details to others – to avoid boredom. But now life requires you to be exact about the facts in dealing with a financial matter.


Exciting trends favour a business and promotions. If you work for someone else, work is well favoured – and you should receive good news on promotion or any deal-making. You’ll find colleagues’ perspectives will help keep you on the straight and narrow.


A desire to take a break and go somewhere ‘crazy’ could get the better of you; such is your exhaustion with day-to-day life. You have a right to a holiday but mind that you attend to all work requirements first.


A project close to your heart has been bedevilled with problems but now you start to see a way forward. It may go against convention or expectation, but chart indicators favour this approach. It's important to stay true to your vision.


The limbo you feel over a home issue is partly to do with career concerns. You’re waiting for something to happen and this is the right approach. Focus on the small things for now and deal with bigger issues later on.


Even though a professional muddle over who said what to whom could be preoccupying, you’ll find time to take another look at your home d├ęcor and decide that either you or the wallpaper must go, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde.


Changes are afoot at work or the place you volunteer. You could be left a little better off as a result. The Leo chart is now full of dogged determination – and this will help if you’re up against resistance.

By Victor Olliver

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