Your weekly horoscope for 12 to 18 October

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Someone in your circle feels they have a lot to complain about and naturally you’re to blame for everything! Deal with this by drawing a few facts to their attention. This will at least take the wind out of their sails.


Very stimulating encounters are assured via your social life. You’re in the mood to ‘sample’ the untried and untrusted to see what happens. This results in your obtaining information which could prove most useful in the course of your work.


A breakthrough is likely in helping to solve a mystery at home – this could be to do with a loved-one’s behaviour or someone’s decision that defies logic. A diplomatic and sensitive approach will prove a lot more effective than confrontation.


A professional or work situation is being faced. Your heart says one thing, your head another. In this instance, the best solution is the practical or pragmatic one. Ask yourself what’s in your best interests and you can’t go wrong.


The way to boost your financial situation lies in who you know, not what you know, thanks to social Venus at the top of your chart. An advantage is gained through conversation and play, not by asking directly for what you want.


Your standing in a group situation is a lot better than you think precisely because no one can box or label you. This helps distance you from various factions and the politics, enabling you to be usefully invisible. For now.


This is a very productive time to rebuild your social circle or to work out differences via negotiation and compromise. An unexpected financial development will be welcome provided you do not expect long-term security. Relish your greater freedom.


Make the most of any chance you get to withdraw from the crowd to recharge your batteries – a stay at a luxury spiritual spa would be perfect. Just sitting alone with your thoughts will allow inspiration to be your guide.


Though people tend to think of you as a cool and tricky customer, this week your ruler Mercury links to sensitive Neptune, opening you up to compassionate and creative energies. People will be surprised at how shrewd you can be.


The feeling that you have returned to an old situation is highlighted by the Full Moon. Was this wise? The answer is that you had little choice. This time however there’s a chance to deal with authority figures more effectively.


People at a distance will be getting in touch – this includes emails, SMS and telepathy! And your patience is tested. Don’t lose your temper, focus on the detail for answers. A bit of an effort but you’ll be appreciated.


Before committing to anything, do the research. Check someone’s credit history or demand to see a CV. It’s not that someone is trying to con you. It’s more about developing a habit of not taking anyone at face value.

By Victor Olliver

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