Your weekly horoscope for 19 to 25 October

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Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


Goodness knows what you are due to discover – but be assured it’s all for the good. Searching for what’s hidden is what you do naturally, and now this extraordinary ability is focused on partners, friends and colleagues. Knowledge is power.


There’s a need to get to the bottom of a financial mystery. It’s hard to know whether incompetence or misunderstanding is the problem. The advice is not to go in heavy but be subtle – after all, you could be wrong.


With Mars at the top of your chart, there’s pushiness about you that some people may find disconcerting. Your career is bound to benefit from this dynamic energy but be watchful that you do not get on the wrong side of authority figures.


You will find people very receptive to your proposals as they sense that you're combining practicality with inspiration. You realise that your ‘team’ has got bogged down in detail while you’re viewing the much bigger picture. Be a leader.


The need for adventure remains very urgent in your life. So, it is vital you keep thoughts open on any possibility to get away for a while or embark on a course of action which stretches mind and spirit – whatever it is.


The very energies that have triggered dispute in your life are also helping you to undergo a fundamental change in approach to life and work. Yes, every cloud has its silver lining. No one said that evolution was painless.


While ‘romance’ may have old-fashioned connotations, it is a timeless fact that all of us must at some point believe in the best of someone, at least for a while! An individual in your life is engaging your full attention.


Happy professional associations are indicated even if workload remains intense. Get used to it. With ruler Mercury due to go retrograde at the end of October, this trend lasts well into December. Allow imagination to shape ideas. Progress probable.


Do not reproach yourself for being a bit selfish. It’s hard to get anything off the ground unless you make time to develop interests, talents and/or social relationships for your own sake. New Moon at the end of October is beneficial.


An air of excitement? No, you’re not imagining it. Ruler Sun is due to be opposed by wild planet Uranus. And if that sounds frightening... well, there’s nothing to fear. Expect the unexpected, either in your professional or home life.


It’s a perennial challenge. How to make money from the things we love doing (as opposed to the things that are routine). While there is a positive answer to the question, this is not the time to be taking financial risks.


At last there’s good news about a long-term family challenge. Most probably a cash development will help ease your burden or offer respite. Additionally, towards the end of October, a sudden happening will help redefine priorities, which will be a relief.

By Victor Olliver

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