Your weekly horoscope for 26 October to 1 November

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


Having second thoughts about a special relationship? That’s okay. The Mercury retrograde gives you a few extra weeks to think again about any kind of commitment or liaison, business or pleasure. Best to work out what’s in it for you.


While it’s important to have a plan for most things in life, there are moments when it’s a good idea to step back and see what happens next. Trust to fate, almost. This is one such moment. Observe and learn.


At least one group activity is likely to prove ‘excitable’ – stimulating but also prone to sudden eruptions of temper, yours included. A case of tantrums and tiaras? This intense energy is useful for targeted actions such as campaigns or creative work.


Use this time to review a career matter. A project or plan requires more refining if you want to make an impact. Don’t be afraid to ask colleagues for their advice – this is not the time to be the lone ranger.


Is there a good reason to return to college or some kind of study to beef up a skills-set? Most likely there is. Certainly you will benefit from further education in order to increase the likelihood of raising income.


Life-direction-type questions are being asked and you may feel pressured to come up with instant answers, especially if your career has hit a bumpy spot. Move at your own pace and don’t allow anyone to try to crack the whip.


While work life may feel bogged down in detail, with patience you will be able to see the bigger picture and the point of it all. In the longer term, what you’re doing now is one big step towards a promotion.


New Moon marks a fresh episode in your work life and one likely to be both exciting and unstable. As life speeds up, you are advised to slow down under the Mercury retrograde so that nothing misses your sharp mind.


Social and creative activities are greatly favoured so expect more than your fair share of party invites – a trend set to continue well into December. New contacts made could favour love and professional life as you take people under your wing.


It’s a bit pointless trying to tell a Leo what to do, as someone in your life is about to be reminded. You are in the mood to speak your mind so be warned that this will upset others.


As ruler Mercury goes backwards in the sky, take extra care in your travel plans and any important paperwork. Spotting a mistake or two will save you so much time or enhance your reputation as a reliable hawk-eyed critic.


Recent extravagances may have taken their toll on your credit card, but retail therapy has its pluses. It just feels so good, doesn’t it? But now is the moment to give it a rest and review outgoings before the festive season.

By Victor Olliver

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