Your weekly horoscope for 5 to 11 October

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This is a fabulous period to deepen any kind of relationship – it’s more than a ‘getting to know you’ phase. Whether the focus is on business or romance, ruler Venus wants you now to seek greater understanding. It’s ‘transformation’ time.


With Venus in your sign until 1 November, there’s much to gain from social interactions, such as parties. People see another side to you, the immense sensitivity, charm and commitment. You are set to profit from this excellent PR.


A business, charitable campaign or (especially) any cause that you passionately believe in gets a boost this week. Long-distance travel may be involved. Alternatively, perhaps you have a hobby which could so easily become another source of income.


In any group situation, you’re the one with all the bright ideas – so don’t allow anyone to put you down. One notion in particular will inspire others and greatly benefit your standing, mainly because you’ve done the homework. As usual.


Restless though you are, the advice is to think carefully about a past situation, which resembles a current life challenge in order to avoid repeating a mistake. Much energy can be saved by reflection and avoiding impulsive actions.


Plenty of people will be advising you to be more ‘realistic’ in expectations. But what do they know? This is the time to think big, especially if the thing that you want to do next expresses an artistic talent or ideal.


Very bold energies are firing you up to deal with anyone who imagines that you can be shut up. You’re empowered to get past a hurdle or see off a challenge. And the prize of victory can be a promotion of some kind.


Thanks to wild Uranus in your sign (for years to come!), you are not quite the placid sign you once were. A decision you make now will astonish or even appaul a partner – but it’s important to assert your independence.


Life can get a bit too ‘interesting’ at times and this is one such occasion. If you accept the need for major changes in your circumstances, this will prove to be a liberating time. Accept that cobwebs must be swept away.


A property or career issue is highlighted, and this should be welcomed as an opportunity to break a routine. What you need is more room to manoeuvre and this you will get under Jupiter. This can be achieved through negotiation.


While not all Leos will be travelling overseas in search of their fortune, most of you will certainly be stretching a personal boundary for greater fulfilment. This could involve a journey or embarking on a study course to enrich understanding.


How can a project or plan be realised if it doesn’t square with income or asset value? Never fear, generous Jupiter’s here! A way forward is about to be found – or life itself brings you a solution to enable expansion.

By Victor Olliver


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