Your weekly horoscope for 16 to 22 November

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.


Now is the time to make a change in personal image or some other life adjustment as Mercury moves direct for the rest of the year. Thanks to pushy Mars in Scorpio, you find the determination to fight past opposition.


Be prepared to play a waiting game during which you can collect more information. This could prove useful in a short while. Direct action or confrontation is likely to prove futile so show others you, too, can be clever.


If you can adopt a gentler approach to how you talk to certain colleagues, friends or neighbours, the message will get through and you can achieve your aim. People you know you can’t trust are best isolated in your own interests.


Career is under very favourable cosmic skies as Mercury retrograde ends and Mars at the top of your chart sharpens your instincts. The great thing is that you don’t have to try too hard. Just aim to be helpful.


Expect to be challenged over an opinion – sometimes a vigorous debate helps to clarify objectives or soften edges through compromise. You can avoid a reputation for being stubborn by at least listening. That doesn’t mean you have to take any notice.


A discovery about money or a relationship is made which alters perspective – it’s always better to be in full possession of facts before making key decisions. Ruler Mars favours a research approach in most matters to get what you want.


Someone in the next fortnight gives you a helping hand, either to further an ambition or find the right contact to get something done on your behalf. One project requires a joint effort: this is not the time to act alone.


Work life enters an intense period lasting into very early 2020 – and this should not be dreaded. Much can be done in terms of impressing others provided you keep a sharp eye on detail, helped by ruler Mercury moving direct.


You have been expecting a big battle to have your own way on a plan or trip. But a fight is not necessary. You’ll find that gentle determination will be sufficient without any fuss or unpleasantness. This will greatly please you.


Despite unsettled conditions at home or work, you should be able to make progress in a domestic matter which has been subject to delay or muddles. There will also be greater clarity on an issue to do with money or security.


Reach out to a key person in your circle who may have misunderstood you in the immediate past. Ruler Mercury’s move direct helps to send clear signals. Your words will have a healing effect and a friendship is repaired.


A chance arises to put finances on a better footing – which is just as well as we approach the seasonal festivities. While not everyone will approve of your cash decisions, it is important to address any confusion to avoid losses.

By Victor Olliver

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