Your weekly horoscope for 23 to 29 November

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.


The urge to break away from one association intensifies as Mercury moves direct and your New Moon highlights a need to start afresh. This could be over anything, from work to a special relationship or even over how you look.


Fashion-conscious Venus joins forces with life-expanding Jupiter, prompting you to make the most of what you’ve got stylistically to make social impact. This is well-timed because Mercury’s change of direction brings new professional associations and a sharper sense of commercial possibilities.


New people are changing your thinking, so it is only to be expected that tensions rise at work or home, with warrior Mars opposing pioneering ruler Uranus. This is not a problem. For you, it’s all part of the ‘creative process’.


The New Moon at the top of your chart signals a new career episode, which becomes more apparent this side of, or just past, the festive period. The theme has to do with travel, new study or an expansion of responsibility. Exciting!


The feeling of ‘crunch time’ stimulates your competitive edge rather than making you despondent. Finances are the subject of robust debate, but your ruler Mars moves into a new sign that greatly benefits all efforts to boost income or improve cash supply.


A personal relationship issue requires resolution. But is there a special button to press to make everything great again? Well, yes. It’s hidden away and could be labelled ‘unorthodox’. Much can be learned from psychology, any kind of research or spiritual immersion.


Socially, you are in a different place now as 2019 winds down – and the best is yet to come. New Moon sees a surge in new acquaintances, one of whom could make a big difference to your life in 2020.


Work and health are under a new cosmic regime. You’ve learned from painful experience the value of not over-doing the sympathy – you just end up exploited. Your world is about to open up even more so in lovely, surprising ways.


Make the most of an opportunity to get away from domestic rancour and show the world what you can do as a Leo star. Whether it’s your voice, pen or radiance, a special natural talent is about to reward you.


Peace cannot be guaranteed in the lead up to Christmas but what is certain is that one resolution affecting the home is about to be made with life-changing consequences. Ominous? Not at all. The time has come for a welcome ‘evolution’.


The festive habit of decorating the home coincides with a renewed desire to create the ideal dwelling place after poring over a load of interiors style magazines – oh dear! Will you be able to compromise? Delay dreams till January 2020? Probably.


A financial decision you make is not going to prove universally popular – but then you’re not in a popularity contest. Sometimes a hard-nosed approach is necessary to get matters back on a proper footing. You know there will be some moans.

By Victor Olliver

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